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10 Easy Holiday Recipes To Prepare In Your Home Away From Home

The holidays are right around the corner – that means it’s the most tastiest time of the year! Undoubtedly, celebrations […]

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The Reality Of Renting Fully Furnished Apartments

Acquiring a furnished apartment makes the moving process much easier. If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to move, perhaps […]

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These 5 Local Businesses Are Serving Turkey To-Go Meals This Thanksgiving In Canada

Thanksgiving is one of the most notable holidays in North America. It’s the time for family gatherings, plenty of chatter and […]

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You Can Go On A 8000km Virtual Team Run Across Canada This Year

COVID-19 has taken away millions of innocent lives, spread human suffering and damaged our economy. But it’s also had a […]

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Fear is a basic emotion and necessary for survival when you feel in danger

8 Tips to Manage Your Mental Health During Social Distancing

During social estrangement, mental health is often neglected. Today we talked to you about some recommendations that would help you stay healthy during the emergency.

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Furniture rental is a widely used and preferred method to decorate a home

Furniture Rental for your Apartment or Home in a Remote Location

When you study or work away from finding a furnished home you like can be hard. Furniture rental is a solution, in this note, we will tell you why.

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You know that moving into a new home often involves many individuals working together

Delayed Moving Day? Here´s a Housing Solution for You

The emergency of COVID-19 has affected the way we all do our daily activities like a moving home day. In this note, find a solution for a delayed moving day.

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Google meet is a tool to hold video conferences and online meetings.

Digital tools to keep your business working during Coronavirus

Some companies have decided to implement work from home because of the coronavirus crisis. So they need efficient tools to allows the continuity of the processes. In this article, we tell you some of the digital tools you can use.

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A working space must be comfortable and free of distractions.

How Renting Personal Spaces can Benefit You and Your Local Communities?

Today we tell you why renting a furnished and serviced apartment as your personal space for work is beneficial not only to you, it is also a great way to support local businesses.

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working from home tips during covid-19

7 Tips to Boost Your Productivity At Your Home Office

Working from home needs an extra dose of organization, discipline and staying focused, but you must also know that it could turn into an amazing experience. Here, we tell you some tips to successfully work from home.

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Swimming is an exercise with many benefits for your mental and physical health.

How to Relax while on a Business Trip

Business trips can stress you on unforeseen issues at times. Here are some tips to relax and have a more pleasant experience during your trip.

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Companies have many benefits from working with their diverse counterparts.

Tips to Manage Multicultural Teams

Multicultural teams are a new workforce. They include people from different countries, cultures or ethnic groups and work for the same purpose. In this note, we tell you some tips to manage them.

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