At Corporate Stays, we’re dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint, building autonomous cabins through Kooteja, teaching children at Saboga Lodge on Saboga Island, and giving back to the community through charitable events and reforestation efforts. Sustainability and community are at the heart of everything we do.

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Responsibility Projects

Saboga Lodge

Saboga Lodge was one of Corporate Stays’ initial responsibility projects. The funds to build the eco-friendly lodge came directly from 1% of Corporate Stays sales. 3 main pillars describe Saboga Lodge’s accountability: Conservation, Culture, and Community. At Saboga, we conserve the environment by respecting wildlife and nature. We educate our guests on cultural and sustainability matters.

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Kooteja, our responsibility program at Corporate Stays, is all about providing Responsible cabins for humans. With each room we offer, we protect one acre of forest. Through Kooteja, we purchase land, creating a unique opportunity for guests to contribute to reforestation efforts. Individuals actively participate in environmental conservation by staying in our cabins, positively impacting the planet. We believe responsible travel can coexist with sustainability, and Kooteja is our way of promoting this vision.

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Our partners and providers care too

We come together as a whole to make a difference for the greater good. Our partners and providers contribute 1% towards our responsibility projects as well.

Embera Collection by Corporate Stays: Luxury meets sustainability. Our eco-hotels offer unforgettable experiences while supporting communities and reducing our carbon footprint. Immerse yourself in local culture through immersive itineraries, fostering authentic connections. Experience responsible travel with Embera Collection.

Explore the Embera Collection and check out the responsible boutique hotels we build.

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