Corporate Stays offers luxury rental housing experiences for business and leisure travelers across Canada and the globe! We’re committed to providing fully-furnished rental apartments and allowing our guests to live in luxury and locally anywhere.

Who we are

With long years of experience in the hospitality and housing industry since 2008, Corporate Stays knows the ins and outs of apartment rentals internationally. As an international company, we come together from different parts of the world to accomplish the same thing. With a team of 100 housing experts and 500+ furnished rental apartments, we coexist to offer the perfect apartment rental solutions that suit all our guest’s needs.

Our Vision

It’s our mission to go above and beyond the typical hotel or apartment rental experience. Our luxury rental apartments provide the highest comfort, amenities, and proximity, giving our guests the perfect home-like experience.
We at Corporate Stays are on a journey to provide a better stay for our guests by creating spaces designed with comfort, luxury, and style in mind. Rest assured that we will have a suitable luxury rental apartment for you, no matter where you are, because everyone deserves to experience luxury at a reasonable price.

Canadian Employee Relocation Council
The Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC) is a membership organization whose goal is to provide leadership, services, and assistance to members enabling them to effectively serve relocated families by addressing issues that impact workforce mobility both domestically and internationally. As a Canadian Employee Relocation Council member, we are part of a network of professionals dedicated to providing high-quality relocation services.

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Association of Serviced Apartment Providers
ASAP Is a not-for-profit trade association established in 2002 to represent the views of a small number of Serviced Apartment Operators in the UK. Since then, we have grown rapidly and currently represent 127 members in 11 countries, including 14 agents and 27 sponsor partners.

Canadian Housing Providers Association
The Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) is a professional trade association exclusively dedicated to supporting corporate housing providers worldwide.

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