Every June for the last thirty-seven years, the Canadian Grand Prix has been held in Montreal, making the city a destination for car-lovers of every sort. Otherwise known as F1, the yearly racing event literally transforms the city of Montreal, with all sorts of events held on and off the tracks.

As a racing fan, your business trip may have serendipitously put you in Montreal for the racing event of the year you’re all too familiar with. Or, if you care nothing for auto racing, you might just happen to be in Montreal for the racing event. No matter what, we’ve got all the information you need to enjoy the Grand Prix 2024.

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The Basic Idea

Held from Thursday, June 4 to Sunday June 7th, Grand Prix is an entire weekend of events which go beyond the race itself. Montreal treats the 4 days of Grand Prix as a huge party. Think special restaurant deals, parties at clubs, and urban zones filled with various exhibits and activations.

The Race

Not held on the island of Montreal, the Grand Prix race is located at the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve at Parc Jean-Drapeau. Anyone wishing to attend the race will need tickets, which range from Grandstand to General Admission. Full three-day passes are available, as are single day tickets. You probably aren’t traveling with your kids, but it’s worth mentioning that children under eleven get in free with an adult pass. For more ticket details here
Getting to the race site is incredibly easy, and doesn’t require a car. You can get to Parc Jean-Drapeau, where Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve is located, simply by taking the Yellow Line of the Montreal STM subway/metro system. The Yellow Line only departs from Berri-UQAM station, which connects to almost all the other major lines in the STM network, so gettin there is just as easy. Head to the STM website for more details.

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In The Streets

As mentioned, Grand Prix celebrations in Montreal go beyond the racetrack. Downtown Montreal, specifically Crescent and Peel streets, become pedestrian-zones with cars on display, games to play, and a variety of other activities set up right in the streets. Each year brings something new, but expect a high amount of energy and tons to do. St. Paul street in Old Montreal will be set up in much the same way, giving you more areas to explore.
Mural Festival, Montreal’s premiere street art fest, will be taking over St. Laurent boulevard for Grand Prix weekend for the first time this year, giving you another event to experience. If car-culture isn’t your thing, then Mural is a great alternative.

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Where To Stay

Given the sheer amount of tourists who flock to Montreal for F1 every year, hotels are going to be jam-packed and rather expensive. Thankfully, the furnished apartments offered in downtown Montreal by Corporate Stays are the perfect solution. Not only will you save some cash, you’ll also be staying in a far nicer lodging that is right in the middle of all the Grand Prix action. You can’t beat a combination of convenience, class, and monetary savings.

The Parties

Like any good tourist attraction, Grand Prix also features a ton of parties put on by individual nightlife venues. Expect every restaurant, bar, and club within the Grand Prix zone (Peel and Crescent area) to have special deals and events throughout the weekend. Also be sure to check out what’s happening on St. Laurent street, as Mural Festival will also be throwing a few parties too. Plan ahead and head here to check out the official Grand Prix parties, because even though you may be traveling on business, it doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun too.

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