Having a pet at home, as all pet owners know, can be super rewarding. But relocating with pets does take a little extra planning and thought.
As much as it may be tiring, stressful, and confusing for you to change time zones, surroundings, and routine, these things can be really tough for an animal that doesn’t understand what’s happening – so follow these tips for a happy and harmonious move:

1. Secure suitable accommodation

Most hotels don’t allow animals, but corporate apartments can offer some great dog and cat-friendly options, with a small extra cleaning fee. Enquire about services offered like dog-walking and pet sitting, which can often be organised through the concierge.

2. Create a pet-friendly space

When it comes to relocating with pets, structure is important for animals. A good way to get them settled in is to create a corner of your apartment especially for your pooch. Set up a dog bed, toys and a feeding station with easy access to water.

3. Think about transport

Getting your pet to a new city or country is just the beginning. Once you’re there, you may need to think about getting the two of you around. Look into public transport options, or invest in a good pet carrier for your car (if it’s a rental, you’ll need to check whether the rules prohibit animals). This will open up so many more options when it comes to fun trips to the countryside.

relocation to canada with a pet

4. Meet other pet owners

While many of your new colleagues will suggest drinks after work, other pet owners will understand why you want to get home to get your four-legged friend out for a walk. Hanging out at a dog park can be a great way to meet new, like-minded people.

5. Scope out dog-friendly venues

Your options are not just limited to dog parks. There are now cafes, restaurants, and even day spas that allow pets, as long as they’re well-behaved.

6. Secure a back-up

While you would love to be there all day to take care of your furry pal, there may well be days where you get stuck at the office or have to take clients out in the evening. Local forums and message boards will have recommendations for professional, reliable dog walkers that you can call on when you can’t be there.

7. Make a note for emergencies

The last thing you need to be doing if there’s an accident or emergency in your new city is online research, so check to find the closest vet or animal hospital, make a note, and keep that info where you can grab it if needs be. It may also be worth taking your pet to see the doc a few weeks after arrival, just for a general check up and piece of mind.

8. Be patient

Travel can be hard on animals, especially younger ones, so be really patient and remember that it may take your pet a little longer to get used to things than it does for you. Lots of time and affection at the beginning of the trip can help make the transition easier.

Relocating with a pets can be one seriously cool adventure, as long as you’re prepared. They can make down-time more relaxing, coming home more enjoyable, and weekend day-trips so much more adventurous. We highly recommend it, and love when you bring your best friend to our apartments. Any friend of yours is a friend of ours…!

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