Having a furnished apartment or studio is excellent when staying for business, but having a two-bedroom apartment is even better. The extra room makes sense for an extended business stay, even for a single person. If you can get your company to choose a two-bedroom apartment for your next visit, go for it.

We collected five of the best arguments for renting a two-bedroom apartment that might help convince your company to rent one for your next business stay.

1 – A two-bedroom apartment is roomier all over

A two-bedroom apartment is generally more spacious in all areas. Intended to house more people, a two-bedroom will often have a larger living room, kitchen, and dining area. The extra space in the common areas will mean more comfortable living spaces, making you feel less cramped and more at home. If your company is willing to fly business class for extra space, why not book a more spacious apartment? 

dominion 2 bedroom

2 – More living spaces offer you the option of hosting clients or business partners in the apartment

With comfortable and spacious living areas, you could potentially host colleagues, clients, or business partners in your two-bedroom apartment. A larger apartment will leave a better impression if there is a chance of hosting people in your space. Using your extra space for business meetings or casual get-togethers can also save the company money when you might otherwise rent a meeting room or take the client out to a restaurant.

3 – A second bedroom can provide a convenient office space for working from home

If you expect to complete work in your apartment, an extra workspace can be very welcome. Many business travellers prefer renting two-bedroom apartments for this reason. For example, you might use a second bedroom as an office space at home. Booking a two-bedroom apartment with private office space is an excellent idea if you intend to get work done during your stay.

 4 – Use the second bedroom as a workout room or meditation room

An extra bedroom can be repurposed for all kinds of needs. Maybe you have a daily workout routine that you like to do right in your apartment, or you practice meditation and would appreciate a private space away from the distractions of work and technology. Whatever your preference, an extra bedroom can offer you the space to continue your day-to-day routine.

Le Livmore

5 – A two-bedroom apartment is better for longer-term stays

There is no question that extra space is appreciated when you are staying for business longer-term. CorporateStays.com sets aside a few two-bedroom apartments in each location, especially for their corporate clients booking longer-term stays. We are seeing more and more single business travellers booking two-bedroom apartments for their holidays for the reasons stated here and more.

If you are thinking of booking a two-bedroom apartment for yourself or your employees, contact a booking professional at CorporateStays.com today to learn more about renting one of our beautifully furnished apartments in great locations across the globe!

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