Over the years of handling the business at CorporateStays.com, I often find myself on a flight every week to handle all the technicalities of the company and ensure quality throughout. I’ve gained quite a few points of wisdom on how to make the travel experience better and get the most out of my flight. This is why I’m happy to share with you some great travel hacks now!

Arrive Late

While this may sound counter-intuitive at first (don’t be SO late you miss your flight), arriving at the terminal early isn’t very conducive to good time management. How many times have you sat in the uncomfortable chairs just killing time until you can finally hop onto the flight, only to have to wait in a long line of people checking in?

This problem is easily solved by arriving later than most people so that you can jump directly on the plane and save time – aim to be one of the last people on. Regardless of whether or not your credit card allows you to be the first one on the plane, you’ll have to wait an hour for nothing, effectively wasting valuable productivity time.

Ask for Kosher Food

When booking your ticket, make sure you request a Kosher meal, especially if you know you’re going to be starving on the flight. Airlines serve Kosher food before the normal in-flight meals, so you’ll be the first one to eat!

Be Friendly

Instead of fighting your seat neighbour for the arm rest, it never hurts to just ask for it. A few minutes of friendly small talk often make for a much better trip, and people often have an interesting story or two to share about their life.

Invest in Noise Cancelling Headsets

Vladimir’s must-have travel hack accessory is a good pair of Bose noise-cancelling headsets. These are an indispensable part of any flight. They offer solace when a baby starts crying and provide you with an easy way to relax and listen to your favorite music or movies without distractions.

Groom Yourself

Chances are you’ll be spending quite a few hours on the plane, leaving you tired and worn. It never hurts to look fresh and clean stepping right off a flight, and business travellers often find themselves rushing off to a meeting as soon as they land. For this, getting some personal grooming done in the airplane bathroom can do wonders.

Trimming a beard, freshening up a hairstyle, moisturizing, and just general clean-up can work wonders on your mood and confidence once you step out of that plane, especially when there’s nothing else to do!

After a successful flight, get the most comfort out of your business trip by staying with CorporateStays!

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