With a new year comes a unique opportunity to try out different technologies. After all, don’t you want to begin 2019 off as productively as possible? Last year, we told you all about some exciting new apps to help business people travel the globe more comfortably and more effectively. With 2018 done and dusted, you can now get to grips with some of the best travel apps for 2019 below.

1. Best Travel Apps for 2019: Skyscanner

This is not a new app, but it’s one that’s growing in popularity as it becomes harder and harder to travel on a budget. Skyscanner enables you to search for a flight, accommodation, and rental cars to and from your chosen destination, scanning around 1,200 sources. Instead of booking on sites you know of but aren’t always the cheapest, you can instead choose the one that’s more affordable for you or your business. Skyscanner is free and available here.

2. Best Travel Apps for 2019: Detour

If you’re away on business to an unfamiliar city or part of the world, it doesn’t take long for the entire situation to overwhelm you. That’s why Detour is going to be one of the best travel apps for 2019. Instead of feeling lost and out of touch, you can let Detour take you on a GPS-guided audio tour – learning all there is to know about the city in which you are staying. Currently, Detour is available in 17 cities, and you can download it for Android here, and iOS here.

3. Best Travel Apps for 2019: Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet is available on iOS devices and allows you to track all of your travel expenditure. You can organize your trip into various categories too, such as accommodation, food, transport, and more. You can then set a budget for your day or month, with an area to upload receipts as well. Want to be in the bosses’ good books? Use Trail Wallet.

4. Best Travel Apps for 2019: CityMaps2Go

If you find yourself trying to navigate city streets, draining your mobile data as you go, then CityMaps2Go may be one of the best apps for 2019 you come across. Instead of relying on being able to locate a free WiFi spot, or having the funds to use mobile data, you can use CityMaps2Go. You can buy the app or use a free version, both of which enable you to download maps for effortless navigation. The best part is, you don’t need an internet connection. Download it for iOS here, and Android here.

5. Best Travel Apps for 2019: Spotify

Bored? Have time to kill? Feeling nervous? Want to learn something new? Spotify is the app for you. Spotify has been growing in popularity for a couple of years now, and it’s still gaining traction – even in 2019. On it, you can listen to all the music you love, as well as audio podcasts too. You can also download any audio you like so you can listen to it offline. Get it here.

6. Best Travel Apps for 2019 Zagat

Even when you’re starving after travelling on a long-haul flight, you may still struggle to find somewhere to eat. If you’re in another country or city, it’s often a challenge to know what’s going to be suitable for your needs. Zagat could be one of the best travel apps for 2019 purely by eliminating this problem. It suggests what to try and shows you a range of delicious eateries in proximity to your location with real-life reviews. Check it out here

7. Best Travel Apps for 2019: Drops

Alongside learning the appropriate etiquette when you’re traveling to a different country on business, you should also spend some time learning the language! Drops is the answer. This audio-visual app helps you to learn over 30 languages through a series of colors and games. It’s free, but you can also select the premium subscription with no limitations. See if it’s right for you here.

8. Best Travel Apps for 2019: At Your Gate

At Your Gate is still not fully functional, but even with limitations, it’s proving to be one of the best travel apps of 2019. A common problem travelers face is that once you’re past security clearance in an airport, you can’t go check out eateries in other areas. What if you’re ravenous, but your terminal has nothing you want? At Your Gate comes to the rescue. Similar to Uber Eats, you can browse the airport offerings, pay, and have the goods delivered to your terminal. At Your Gate operates in five airports but is set to get even bigger. See if it’s at your local airport here.

9. Best Travel Apps for 2019: PackPoint

Do you always forget something important when you’re traveling on business? PackPoint can help. This smart travel checklist app helps you to work out what you’re likely to need, once you tell it where you’re going and for how long. You can then tick items off as you pack them – it’s as easy as that! Get packing.

10. Best Travel Apps for 2019: Polar Steps

Last but not least is Polar Steps, one of the best travel apps for 2019. Polar Steps helps you to plan out your tour, while also showing you where you’ve been, where you’re going, and the distance between. In essence, Polar Steps is your pocket traveler, documenting your footsteps so you can look back fondly once your journey is over. You can even allow your family to have access to your movements so they can keep track of where you are in the world. Check it out here.

Are you ready to hit the road in 2019? You’ve now got all the apps you need, but do you have accommodation? Remember, Corporate Stays boasts accommodation in over 55 destinations, all of which are fully-finished and have WiFi for downloading those best travel apps for 2019. Now’s the time to contact our housing specialists and book your next trip!

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