Business professionals don’t always have the opportunity to go back home to spend the Holiday Season with their family and friends. Here are ten things you can do to enjoy the festive season this year while being away.

Day 1 – Make it Social

A great way to fight solitude, especially during the Holiday Season, is to get together. For example, try to reach out to friends or colleagues and invite them for a potluck. We spent long hours in front of computers and small devices; a great way to get to know people is to implement a no phone policy when meeting up. You will have more interactions during your potluck.

Day 2 – Give Back

If the company you are currently working with have a volunteering activity during this season, you can participate; plus the holidays are all about giving back. You might be amazed to find that there are other people out seeking for some connection just as much as you are.

Day 3 – Schedule a Video Call with your Family

I know a video call will never be the same as being present, but it’s a great way to communicate and see your loved ones. Getting together via webcam can be fun especially with your favourite people.

Day 4 – Movie Night

Revisit the old classics by watching your favourite holiday movies. Ask people around you about theirs and make new memories you can share with them.

Day 5 – Ugly Sweater Contest

Get in the van wagon of the ugly sweater because it’s here to stay. Discover your hidden talent by organizing a contest. Side note: crafting your very own ugly sweater is much more fun than buying it.

Day 6 – Make a List of Your Blessings

Most people who relocate usually did so to advance in their career, or because they simply landed their dream jobs. Making a list of the reasons why you moved and the blessings this year has brought is an excellent reminder of your goals and achievements. It can also keep your mind on a positive path.

Day 7 – Threat yourself

Taking time for yourself is crucial. What are the things you enjoy doing? Maybe it’s binge-watching Netflix for a day or going to a spa. Whatever it is taking time to reconnect with yourself and do something you love is as important as giving back.

Day 8 – Decorate your Space

Decorating your working space and home can be a great way to put you in a festive mood. It doesn’t have to be the typical decor. If you love a more natural decor, for example, a candle-filled lantern with green leaves can make your space feel warm and inviting. Decorate every nook and cranny of your office will also help spread the festive ambiance.

Day 9 – Recreate Your Traditions

It’s important to take time to decide what traditions are important to us. Determine what key factors you want to recreate when it comes to the holidays. It can help manage the fact that you were not able to go back home.

Day 10 – Something New

You can create new memories that change the very meaning of the holidays for you. Switching up your usual plans can generate excitement and have something to look forward to.

When you are away for business during the holidays can be challenging. Take charge of your mood and happiness and cherish the good by focusing on the positive is what the festive season is all about. The goal is to enjoy the holidays wherever you are.

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