At CorporateStays, we like to go beyond business. We want to ensure that our guests have the best experience, from the reservation to check out. That includes recommending the best that our cities have to offer. This is why we have partnered with Scandinave Spa – Vieux Montreal, a tranquil respite located in the heart busy Montreal.

Please read on to learn about our new partnership with Scandinave Spa – Vieux Montreal, and the benefits offered to our guests.

An Urban Escape

Scandinave Spa – Vieux Montreal, is located in the heart of Montreal’s Old Port. Steps away from Montreal’s Science Centre and the Ferris Wheel, it is an ideal location for a visitor. It is close to downtown Montreal, and only a 15-minute walk from Loft4U.

In the heart of one of the most popular areas of Old Montreal, you will be able to escape to a truly tranquil and relaxing environment. The spa is well-insulated from the outside world, blocking out the noise and lights of the city.

You can leave that cell phone behind; the spa is a wifi-free and phone-free space. Scandinave Spa – Vieux Montreal, focuses on helping its clientele to escape their busy lives, which means disconnecting from the outside world, if only temporarily.

The Scandinavian Baths

The Scandinavian bath circuit at Scandinave Spa – Vieux Montreal, consists of three steps: hot, cold, and relaxation. Guests immerse themselves in the warm area for 15-20 minutes, then awaken their senses with 10-15 seconds in the cold area before relaxing for another 15-20 minutes. The spa provides options for each step, and encourages guests to try them all.

The hot areas include a large heated bath, a eucalyptus steam room, and a dry sauna. The hot bath is spacious and includes a waterfall on one side, perfect for relieving tense back and neck muscles. The eucalyptus steam room has enough space to sit or lie down, depending on what helps you to best relax. The dry sauna is perfectly lit; the dimmed light complements the woody smell, creating an experience for multiple senses.

There are two options for the cold areas: a cold water shower and a small cold water bath to immerse yourself in. With the water temperature ranging between 6 and 10 degrees, it will be certain to wake you. The shower is a good start for beginners. The bath is an excellent match for those looking for a more intense experience. We would recommend immersing yourself completely as quickly as possible, to fully enjoy the rush. Once the adrenaline is flowing, it is time for the third step, relaxation.

There are a host of relaxation areas throughout the baths, including benches, wooden chairs, cushion seats, and daybeds. As part of the true unplugging experience, Scandinave Spa – Vieux Montreal, also features a stimulation-free room; no noise and almost no light. Some guests even choose to nap in the stimulation-free room.

Relaxing Massage

Of course, the best way to complete a relaxation experience is to enjoy a massage at the hands of a capable therapist. There is a serene waiting area, from which your therapist collects you, leading you through to a private room, away from the bath area. With several different massages available, your therapist will also customize your experience to your particular needs. Relax as the professionals of Scandinave Spa – Vieux Montreal ensure your total comfort at all times.

Scandinave Spa – Vieux Montreal offers different massage treatments, including the classic Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Deep-Tissue Massage, and Lomi-atsu. The Lomi-atsu massage is actually a fusion of two techniques, incorporating methods from the Hawaiian lomi-lomi massage and Japanese shiatsu massage techniques.

Following your massage, you are free to return to the Scandinavian baths, or to the showers in the locker room, which include all toiletries that one may need.

An All-Inclusive Experience

What makes the spa especially ideal for travellers is that it truly is an all-inclusive experience. Scandinave Spa – Vieux Montreal provides sandals, towels, and robes for each of its guests. The locker room is also fully-equipped with any and all toiletries that any guest would need. You need only bring your swimsuit.

For those who would prefer to drive to the spa, Spa Scandinave – Vieux Montreal offers a valet service, which is an ideal treat in Montreal’s Old Port. Simply bring your car to the door, and have it returned to you when you are ready to leave.

Special for CorporateStays Clients

Starting in 2018, Scandinave Spa – Vieux Montreal will be offering special discounts to all CorporateStays clients. Thanks to the new partnership, all CorporateStays clients are eligible to receive a 35% discount on access to the Scandinavian baths, and a 20% discount on all bath and massage packages.

Get in touch with your reservation specialist today to find out how to take advantage of this excellent offer.

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