Travelling on business makes you more inclined to deviate from your daily routine. And it’s easy to forget that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Apart from providing you with energy, it also restores glucose levels, which your brain needs to function. Going without breakfast can dramatically affect the quality of your work. So here’s a list of the best brunch spots in Toronto to keep you working at your best throughout the day!

Luckily, there are more than a few key brunch spots located around your Toronto CorporateStays furnished apartment!

Brunch Spots In Toronto #1: Aunties & Uncles

Frequently referred to as Toronto’s best brunch spot, Aunties & Uncles is one spot you can’t go without trying. It’s effortless offerings include the basics – eggs, french toast, and waffles. But don’t let its simple menu and low price fool you, this traditional country brunch spot hits the spot everytime. And even after 14 years, there is still a line to get in!

Find out what all the fuss is about


Brunch Spots In Toronto #2: Stockyards Smokehouse & Larder

The Stockyard Smokehouse on St. Claire West is known in Toronto for its mouthwatering burgers for a while now. But their burgers pale in comparison next to their brunch offering, chicken and waffles. Now this isn’t the most conventional breakfast, but conventional is boring. In fact, when it comes to business conventional is sometimes seen as the enemy!

The spot is a slice of small town Americana, barbeque’s on and it’s time to eat. So slip out of your comfort zone – in breakfast and business.

Get your waffle on

Brunch Spots In Toronto #3: Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

If you find yourself in Liberty Village, make your way over to Mildred’s Temple Kitchen. With a history spanning back over 20 years, it’s reputation lies in it’s loyal following of brunchers. A location change and a facelift later, and the historied restaurant is a feast for the eyes as well for the stomach. It also makes a classy spot to have an early morning brunch meeting!

From some of the fluffiest blueberry pancakes you’ve ever tasted to satisfyingly large brunch skillets, these classic comfort foods offer a gourmet twist that go great with their signature mimosa.

Drop in and pay Mildred a visit

Brunch Spots In Toronto #4: White Brick Kitchen

A newer brunch spot has opened up in the business capital of Canada and it is making a name for itself. Located in the heart of Koreatown, The White Brick Kitchen offers a more casual setting to start your day. The menu is largely American comfort food – french toast dripping in caramel sauce, homemade english muffins with sage sausage, the works!

The spot is run by two brothers, one graduated in hospitality and the other in culinary arts, and both are passionate about the food they serve.

Get on over to the White Brick Kitchen

Brunch Spots In Toronto #5:  Lady Marmalade

While they might not offer the healthiest options to kickstart the day, don’t be afraid to indulge from time to time!  Their breakfast poutine will leave you so much happier, their Huervo Racheritos will transport you to a warmer place, and their build-your-own eggs benedict are an accomplishment in and of themselves.

Visually it’s not the sleekest interior design work, so maybe don’t close any big deals there, but Lady Marmalade will definitely has what you need to get into the right headspace to do so!

Discover Lady Marmalade’s offerings

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