Gone are the days of yore where travellers of every sort (for leisure or business) had only one or two lodging options when heading to a different city. Hotels and hostels certainly aren’t going anywhere, but the rise of online services matching travellers with new forms of accommodations, like CorporateStays and executive furnished apartments, have proven to be the best option for business travellers in need of quality travel-housing.

Anyone who has stayed in a corporate furnished apartment would attest to that fact, but if you haven’t, read on below to see how your next business trip can be made so much better simply by using CorporateStays.


You Won’t Spend Nearly As Much Money

Traveling should never be inherently expensive, especially when you’re heading to a city for work rather than pleasure. Unfortunately, almost all types of traditional traveler-lodging are pretty pricey; there’s no way of getting around the hefty hotel bill. Except now there is, as almost all executive furnished apartments cost a fraction of a hotel room, with many more benefits included. More on that in a bit.


Let’s also not forget the fact that anytime you stay in a hotel, you’re pretty much forced to eat out for every meal. A hotel may offer a breakfast buffet, but that won’t hold you over all day, and without a kitchen in the room, you’ll need to head to a restaurant for a decent meal. A furnished apartment will remove the travel expense of eating out entirely, as you can simply cook your own meal in the lodging’s kitchen, if you so choose.

You Get A Lot More Than An Airbnb Room

May of you may have already asked yourself the question: why get an executive furnished apartment when I can just use Airbnb and save more money? A very fair point, but consider all the factors before immediately opting for Airbnb.


While, in general, most Airbnb lodgings are cheaper than a furnished apartment, you’re sacrificing quality and peace of mind. Airbnb is a community-run network, meaning anyone can post a room using whatever pictures and descriptions they choose, even if either may be outdated. Yes, there is a peer-review system, but that doesn’t really compare to the oversight employed by CorporateStays and similar services with their apartments. These are legitimate businesses and business people furnishing rooms for business travelers, so you’ll never have to worry about misrepresentation or a poorly kept apartment.


You Actually Have Private Space

A feature that makes nearly all executive furnished apartments superior to hotel rooms and Airbnb lodgings is the very important aspect of privacy. Basically, in a furnished apartment, you have the luxury of private space, in the others, not so much.


Standard hotel rooms are really just one large space with a couple of beds put in, with no walls separating the room. What that equates to is literally zero private space. Unless you’re willing to fork over a lot of cash for a higher-end hotel (and why would you when you’re only staying for a few days to a week on business?) then get ready for an annoying amount of “quality” time with your fellow business travellers, or worse yet, your family.

The same can happen in an Airbnb room. In some cases you may actually get an apartment to yourself, though most listings offer only a single room in an already-occupied apartment, with the owner still in residence. Sure, you may have your own small room, but that doesn’t compare to the entire apartment you’d have all to yourself if you used CorporateStays.


You Get To See The City Like A Citizen

One major issue with staying at a hotel that many don’t really think of is just how limited a view and experience of the city you actually get. Hotels, and the surrounding area, are built for tourists in mind, creating a kind of “hotel bubble” that many travellers don’t get out of. When staying in an executive furnished apartment, you’re embedded right into a local neighbourhood, with real citizens all around you, thus letting you experience the in a more authentic manner.


Your Colleagues Are Already Doing It

Generally, doing something just because everyone else is already doing it shouldn’t be an incentive. But when it comes to staying in a corporate furnished apartment rather than a hotel, the reasoning holds true. More and more services like CorporateStays are popping up everyday (do a quick Google search and you’ll be more than surprised at how many exist) to meet the demand of business travelers looking to stay in a furnished apartment instead of a hotel. These savvy business travelers are already aware of all the benefits listed above (and the many others) so you really should join in. Chances are you won’t regret it.


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