CorporateStays.com founder (and biggest fan) Vladimir De Suarez is a veteran of business travel, and has settled on a few apps that make every trip smoother, more pleasant, and more productive, here are his top recommendations to call home cheaply, check up on your team, find your accommodation, and take your music with you:


1. Basecamp

Available on iPhone or iPad, this project management app allows you to keep in touch with team projects and make sure every project is on track while you are away. You can share files, collaborate on documents, assign tasks, have discussions and check due dates so nothing slips through the cracks. Everything is stored securely and you can access it no matter where you are so your team will know they have to work just as hard when you’re away.


2. Google Drive

This virtual drive offers users 15GB of free storage that can be accessed anywhere from any device. Users can store documents, pictures, movies, music, and anything else they can think of. An added extra lets you collaborate with team members on the same document to streamline communication while you are away. If someone swipes your Mac from the hotel, you won’t lose any information if it’s backed up on Google Drive.


3. 8tracks

Arrive at your accommodation, connect your iPad to the Wifi, open 8tracks and bring a little bit of home to your hotel. This app allows users to create and stream their own playlists or share those of other users. It can also be used to discover local artists and culture via the free radio streaming option.


4. Passbook

This Apple app is a single, digital repository for all those little scraps of paper and documents that you need then you travel. All your reservations, flight details, passport numbers, etc. are saved in this app so you won’t lose any important details. A handy location/time service has Passbook notify you when documents are needed, so you have all your travel documents ready to go as soon as you arrive at the airport.


5. Kayak

This third party booking offers cheap rates on travel necessities, like airfares and car rentals. You can search, book and manage your reservations from the app. They usually have the best deals on airfare available on the web.


6. Skype

Skype is VoIP software (a technical way of saying you can make phone calls over the internet without using a telecommunications provider) that allows you to make phone or video calls to other Skype users free of charge. Talk to family and colleagues when you are away.


7. Connected (by LinkedIn)

The mobile version of the web-based LinkedIn allows you to create and maintain your business network on the go. This mobile version means you can see who is in the city you’re visiting and connect directly and immediately with new contacts you meet, rather than waiting until you get home.


8. Waze

Waze is a community-run navigation app that relies on user-generated data. Many users prefer this to Google maps as the user-contribution means better, lesser-known routes are available. You can sync it with your calendar and it will automatically provide you with the routes and maps for where your appointments are. You will never get lost in a new city again.


9. Zinio

Zinio is a digital distribution platform for magazines and newspapers, so you can have access to your favourite publication on the plane, in your cab, in your hotel or wherever your trip takes you.


10. Zine and Buffer

Zine allows the user to discover new content and ideas and save ones you love for later access (in your “pocket”). And with buffer, you can automatically schedule social media content. So, if you’re in a different timezone, you can save great content and add items to your buffer and they will be shared automatically at the right time – meaning you don’t have to wake up at 3am and tweet it yourself!


11. Running (Nike)

Running is the ultimate exercise for travellers. It’s totally mobile and eliminates the need to worry about gym access or fancy equipment. All you need are your running shoes, a tune or two, and maybe the Nike app. It monitors your performance, integrates with your contacts so that you can share results with your friends and syncs with your playlists so you always have the best music to motivate you.

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