Manhattan, New York City. It may be a tiny island, but it’s where they play business in the big leagues and it’s not for the fainthearted. If you’re looking to do business here then you need to know where in the city to go to get it done – and it’s not the office. Don’t be fooled into thinking that business is done over a conference table during your standard 9-5 day. Power brokers in this city mix business with pleasure and deals are just as likely to be done at 3am over a shot of Remy Martin at one of the many nightspots in Manhattan as they are in the office. So, put on your best game face and try to network your way through these clubs and bars favored NYC business.

Entertainment Industry

If you are in the entertainment industry, head over to The Lion on West 9th Street. People come here less for the food and more for the scene and the networking opportunities. You need to be “someone” to get a booking though, so either fast talk your way through or come armed with an impressive Hollywood resume or with someone who has one.

Advertising and Media

Advertising and media types head to the trendy Soho area for business over cocktails. The Crosby Street Hotel has a screening room and bar that makes it a popular choice amongst this crowd.

General Business

Old school business types prefer Bar & Books on Lexington Avenue. Think deals being cemented over whiskey, scotch and cigars at the gentleman’s club. If that’s a bit too stodgy for you, then try The Empire Room Lounge in the Empire State building. Distinctively art deco, this high priced Fifth Avenue bar oozes sophistication and is the perfect place for an old-New York a deal over a liquid lunch.

Banking and Finance

If you’re all about Wall Street then you need to head where the bankers go.  Ulysses Folk House or Beckett’s on Pearl Street both cater to the casual after-work banking crowd and are a particular favorite of the NYSE and Goldman Sachs. For something more upscale and Manhattan swanky, head to W Hotel Bar on Lexington Avenue, the place for pure style and sophistication. It’s a particularly popular hangout amongst the Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs bankers, though most major firms frequent here too. Emmett O’Lunney’s Irish Pub on West 50th had so many bankers from Barclays and Morgan Stanley frequenting the bar that the owner changed the menu to accommodate their tastes.

In this fickle city where image is everything and where you need to see and be seen, these places are only hot for right now, so get to it while the going is good.



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