New technologies allow establishing an instant connection between employees and companies at any time and place. Tablets, laptops, and smartphones offer more possibilities for the business world; this is reflected in the frequency and integration of employee relocation, making this process easier for both employees and companies.

Employee relocation could be a crucial tool for companies’ growth. Expanding your business should be the best option, over hiring a new professional and start training them from scratch.

However, when an employee is offered a promotion in another city or country, this means he/she will be going through a complete change along with his/her family. For this reason, companies usually offer relocation packages.

Relocation is a sensitive issue and certainly, it needs to be successful. Your company cannot start relocating employees without having a plan, even less without considering some factors like costs, budget, staff welfare, and company culture.

Here are some things you should consider to successfully manage employee relocation.


Start planning from the right department


It is necessary for the HR department to consider two essential elements for employee relocation: First, you have to define the relocation term. –long- or short-term duration– then the available corporate relocation services options around.


Its important to consider the essential elements for employee relocation.
Its important to consider the essential elements for employee relocation.


HR goal, in this case, should be to achieve relocation plans ahead of time because it could turn advantageous for both relocated workers and the company. It isn’t an easy task. But it’s essential to have a good management of everything that involves relocation such as all the necessary paperwork, work permits, trips, moving, long term corporate rentals and housing, tax matters, and many more just in case any issue comes up.


Thinking of your employees


Maybe you are considering relocation as part of your business growth plan. This means, your company has already evaluated the pros and cons of opening a new branch in some city, and sure you’ve made the best location decision. Thinking of business goals is a priority, but you can’t forget about employee well-being.

You probably know that employee well-being is critical to business success. So, if you want your branch to succeed, you must make sure your workplace and the conditions are as favorable as possible for relocated workers.


Choose the right date


Any city has a season when it’s the best time to visit it. The same for moving. Perhaps, your staff prefers moving during summer or spring because winter conditions could mean an additional challenge.


It's important to choose the best time to do your relocation.
It’s important to choose the best time to do your relocation.


Make it easier for employees


We must also mention that according to RRHHDigital, the relocated human capital will adapt easier and will be more efficient if, during the first 90 days of relocation, they receive specific support to help them adapt to their new environment, responsibilities, and life.

When it comes to international relocation, it’s crucial to help your employees understand the destination country’s lifestyle and work culture, to achieve a successful international relocation.

Once your employee has made it to their new furnished apartment at Montreal, Vancouver, New York, London, or any city, and started at work, it’s important to continue helping them have a smooth transition.


Get executive relocation services will help


For helping with the process of relocation, finding housing and welcoming employees in the destination city, your company may consider a destination services provider. A corporate housing company should provide assistance for setting up a temporary residence, which can be very helpful.


A corporate housing company should assist in setting up a temporary residence.
A corporate housing company should assist in setting up a temporary residence.


A team of professionals in relocation can really help your employees on their way to feeling comfortable in their new city.

At Corporate Stays, we will help you find the perfect temporary residence for your employees in the new city right away so that they can take their time finding a perfect permanent home. Our multilingual housing representatives will be more than happy to help you find the most convenient and ideal neighborhood to their new place of work.

We present you with a wide selection of executive rentals, like furnished apartments, condos, lofts, studios and suites in locations across the globe. Our furnished apartments come with all the amenities you and your employees need to feel comfortable.

Let us find the perfect space for your needs!

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