How to Decide Which Corporate Housing Provider is Right for You

by | Aug 14, 2013 | News & Company Updates

When it comes to finding temporary housing, everyone’s personal needs are different, that is why you need to look for a company that works for you. There are several companies that offer “corporate housing” but not every company will provide the services that you might need when it comes to finding housing for yourself or your employees. To avoid choosing the wrong service provider, consider this checklist to help ensure that your corporate housing provider offers you the services you need.

Does the company create a personal relationship with clients?

It can be easy to spot companies that offer a more personalized service by asking: how easy is it for you to talk to a real person? A reputable corporate housing provider will develop a relationship with their clients right away. You should be provided with a representative who will personally handle your file from beginning to end. If you find yourself shuffled around or have difficulty talking to a real person, find another company!

Does the company offer complete services, or only housing?

There are several furnished housing companies out there that are trying get a piece of the corporate market, but a real corporate housing company will understand the needs of their clientele, beyond just housing. Services offered by corporate housing companies can range from relocation advice to concierge services, with a focus on taking care of their clients, not just taking their money. When you are looking for a corporate housing provider, pay attention to what kind of services they offer.

Is their website professional, modern, and easy to navigate?

Sometimes just taking a look at the website will be enough to gage if you are working with professionals. The main things to look for are straightforward information, high-quality photographs, and a personal touch. A professional corporate housing company will provide virtual tours, videos, and plenty of information about their apartments. Some companies will also have a social media presence where you can find reviews and feedback from other clients using their services.

Is the company certified with Corporate Housing Associations?

The CHPA is the Corporate Housing Providers association, any professional corporate housing company should be certified with CHPA as well as other associations.

For instance, is certified with CHPA, the Global Business Travel association, The Better Business Bureau, and more.   

Find the right company for you.

After you’ve weeded out the less reputable companies, you might still find that you have a great deal of choice in housing providers. Every company will offer something a bit different but ultimately it will come down to what you are looking for in terms of location and services as well as the relationship you develop with the representative you talk to. The right Corporate housing companies can offer you highly specialized services suited to your needs, or simply a more convenient housing option for extended stays. You just have to know what you are looking for and what questions to ask.

Call today to find out if we’re the right company for you. Our dedicated housing specialists will take the time to explain the options and services that we offer with no pressure or stress. Our 100% focus is customer service and customer satisfaction so we want to be sure that you are 100% satisfied in every aspect of your stay.

Understanding the needs of the corporate traveler is a cornerstone of our business, that is why in many of our locations we offer the convenience of no security deposit, no notice to vacate, simple billing, and flexible check-in to our members. Find out how you can become a member by contacting your local corporate housing specialist,  You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin.

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