is a different kind of corporate housing company, not only do we match up the right clients to the right apartments, we offer a flexibility in our service that no other company does right now.

Last month we initiated a slew of innovative new policies at our flagship branch in Montreal. The new policies mean that at our Montreal location we now require no security deposit, we no longer require our clients to sign a rental contract, and we are able to offer more flexibility to clients with our no notice to vacate policy. is the first company in the industry to do so.

Since making the changes, we have not only received some really positive feedback about them, but we have noticed an uptick in business from certain avenues, industries and clients who really appreciate the flexibility that we offer.

Clients who appreciate flexibility in corporate housing include:

IT and engineering

People working in IT and engineering really appreciate the flexibility of being able to change or extend their reservation with less than the usual fourteen days notice that other companies require. These clients are usually staying in town working on a project and are often unsure of the exact time that their stay requires.

Insurance claims

We understand that people need to feel at home and safe after they have temporarily lost their house. Our clients should not have to spend their energy and money ironing out the details of temporary housing, so we do it for them.

Insurance claims clients really appreciate flexibility as they often don’t have much indication, when they first book, of how long the repairs or replacement of their home is going to take. These clients also appreciate our No Security Deposit policy since there are sometimes unforeseen delays on the payments on these claims so not having to put extra money down at the time of booking can be a big help.


International clients appreciate our not requiring a security deposit  simply because of the complications that can arise with overseas banks and credit cards. Sometimes, for instance, a bank issues a local credit card that is activated the day after the client arrives in Canada. Not having to pay a security deposit before arrival, and not having to make arrangements to refund the security deposit with overseas banks is much better for these clients.


We are partners with our consultant clients, we are now able to just send a single invoice for their stays, building on a relationship of trust and confidence. Consultants relocating temporarily to work with companies now do not have to sign a rental contract and commit to an arbitrary amount of time before they know exactly how long of a stay their project will require.

Film and Television

People working in the film industry appreciate the flexibility of our service. The ability to extend a reservation when unforeseen delays    occur, or change locations quickly is a boon to clients working both     in front of and behind the scenes! We are able to provide a VIP housing experience with stellar service and the most luxurious properties in downtown Montreal, as we did for the X-Men project this summer.

If this sounds like you..

If you are looking for a different kind of corporate housing experience, or if you are tired of staying in the same boring hotel room in every place you stay, why not give a call and find out how our service can meet your needs in furnished housing.

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