Do You Need A Relocation Specialist?

When you are planning a move there are a lot of decisions to make and details to keep track of. Some companies and individuals opt to hire a relocation specialist to help with a big move. Today we want to know, Is hiring a relocation specialist really the right option for you?

What does a relocation specialist do?

Relocation specialists are often hired by companies moving their employees, but are sometimes contracted by individuals.  A relocation specialist will offer services complimentary to moving companies and realtors. The services offered vary between companies, but a relocation specialist might:

  • Help set you up in the new area, even finding dry cleaners and grocery stores.
  • Get you in touch with other professionals such as movers, packers, and realtors.
  • Help you get organized in the planning stages.

Some relocation specialists will also:

  • Help you prepare paperwork for visa applications when moving to a new country.
  • Arrange meetings with schools for your children, help you find the best schools and programs.
  •  Help you find a family doctor.

Do I need a Relocation Specialist?

If you are considering hiring a relocation specialist, the following questions will help you figure out if it is the right decision for you.

How much time do I have to deal with the details of the move?

Do you have the time before the move to plan things out and research your new home? If you have a limited amount of time before the move you might want to consider hiring someone to help you. If you do have the time, researching your new city and planning out the details yourself can really help to minimize the anxiety associated with an upcoming move.

Is the move International?

Undertaking a move to a different country might mean more paperwork and more of an adjustment. A relocation specialist can help with working out the details if you have difficulty getting organized before the move and can help you get acclimatized to the new country after you get there.

How much do I know about the new place ? Can I find out whatever I need with my own research?

These days you can find out so much about almost anything on the Internet. If you have the time and the patience for Internet research, you might not need anyone to help you find out most of the pertinent information about your new home.

If moving with children, do I feel like I would need help choosing the right schools in the new area?

A relocation specialist can help with the process of choosing schools and arranging the paperwork, but make sure that the services are offered if this is a selling point for you.

Am I already hiring professionals to help me with the move?

If you are working with a realtor and a moving company and a furnished housing company like, you might not need a relocation specialist as well. Many of the services overlap when you are working with professionals and planning a move. If you are already working with a realtor or a moving company, or hiring the services of a corporate housing provider, make sure to ask what additional services they can provide in helping you move, chances are you won’t need a Relocation specialist as well.

Finally, just like any professional company you will be hiring for your move, make sure that the person you are going to be working with knows their stuff. Do a bit of research on the company and don’t be afraid to ask questions about their familiarity with the new area. You don’t want to shell out a lot of money for something you could just as easily have done yourself!

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