With the closure of our office, local hotel, co-working place, or even your favorite coffee shops, setting up a home office became the best alternative for companies and employees.

For many, working from home was a dream and now that they can finally do it they have realized that as great as it could be it can be difficult at times. Having a home office is not for everyone, a lot of discipline is needed, in addition to having an adapted and appropriate space that sometimes could be very hard to achieve.

At home, you have many distractors, such as children, pets, television, and others. Therefore, there are many factors that can affect your productivity and performance including getting up and going to bed later.


A working space must be comfortable and free of distractions.
A working space must be comfortable and free of distractions


Luckily, now this can be arranged by choosing a personal working space where you can feel comfortable, free of distractions, so you can focus on your duties. The advantages of personal spaces are numerous for both: working productivity and mental health since it provides adequate living conditions for this quarantine.

The results of some studies suggest that a professional and personal environment close to home is preferable to working from home, both to relieve pressure from the family environment and to project a professional image and improve overall productivity.

Therefore, we have an idea for you: serviced apartments are a great alternative for you if you need some personal space more than ever since all the suffering from all the distractors present while working from home will no longer be there


Benefits of renting a serviced and furnished apartment


You must consider that there are many ways of how serviced apartment stays can improve your productivity and boost your job performance.

Boost productivity: If you used to work in an open-plan office, you’ll probably find that your brain needs peace and silence to concentrate and stay focus for long periods of time, especially for those who are creators. According to psychologist Jonathan Smallwood silence “allow us to generate novel solutions to problems,” and to stick to our plans long enough to reach our goals.

A serviced apartment where you’re all by yourself allows you to have a peaceful environment because they have a spacious and noise-canceling design allowing you to perform at your best. Get more inspiration from our latest blog: 7 Tips to Boost Your Productivity At Your Home Office.


If you used to work in an open-plan office, you'll probably find that your brain needs peace and silence to concentrate
If you used to work in an open-plan office, you’ll probably find that your brain needs peace and silence to concentrate


  • A space for everything: to have a great job performance you need a comfortable and adapted space for office activities. Serviced apartments are designed and furnished to allow you to achieve a good work-life balance. You’ll have more space than a hotel suite since you will have an area for everything, from cooking your favorite meals, work, or simply unwind. A workstation in the apartment gives you a sense of home comforts and routine all working towards establishing better productivity.
  • Don’t waste your time with your laundry: washing and drying your clothes takes precious time of your day. By staying at one of our serviced apartments the need for lengthy travel to go to a communal laundry room is eliminated, plus it also removes the necessity of having to break the quarantine by going out. Our serviced apartments have an in-Suite laundry, so you can put your clothes in the washing machine and immediately head back to your work and continue with your daily activities.
  • Concierge available 24/7: Contingencies may occur at any time, but you don’t need to worry about your productivity being disturbed because you will have a concierge team ready to assist all your needs throughout your stay.
  • Benefit your mental health: Having a balanced work-life is the best way to protect your mental health during quarantine away from home. It is important to maintain a home-away-from-home routine where after a productive long day of work. Remember not to give up your hobbies, it’s one of the best ways to take care of your mental health during quarantine for COVID-19.


In a furnished and serviced apartment, you can cook your own meals, which eliminates the need to order some food to be delivered. So, if you have specific tastes or chef skills you can have a productive day by making special preparations. A fully equipped kitchen gives you the option to eat-in and it could be a way of entertainment at the apartment while you take a brake helping you achieve a good work-life balance since it provides you with all the amenities you need.

For a feeling of home-away-from-home like, it’s also important to stay in touch with your family, and technology is a huge help. You can use video conference platforms like Zoom. This tool not only allows you to communicate with your loved ones and partners, but it also allows you to have your meetings with different backgrounds.


If you work at home can use video conference platforms like Zoom
If you work at home can use video conference platforms like Zoom


Images of your home or customized backgrounds can also help you to feel at home when you’re in work meetings. It provides you with different backgrounds that could be fun to enlighten your mood while talking with your family and friends. Here you can learn how to change Zoom backgrounds.


Supporting your local businesses!


Renting a fully furnished and serviced apartment as your personal space for work is beneficial not only to you, it is also a great way to support local businesses. Supporting our local business is crucial for bringing back growth and innovation to our communities.

Corporate Stays is a proudly Canadian corporate housing company with more than 1200 serviced apartments in all major Canadian cities. You can rent our furnished apartments in Montreal, Vancouver, Quebec, and many other cities.

With our Canadian heart, we are offering free units for selected groups during lockdown, and hopefully inspiring the corporate travel world against this pandemic as well as encouraging the COVID19 kindness.

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