We don’t do anonymous call centre people when you book an apartment – we’re a real, close-knit team here at CorporateStays.com and we want you to know who you’re speaking to when you get in touch. So, in the second installment of our ‘Get To Know Us’ series, we’d like to introduce Laurence Montplaisir, Manager of Operations and an original member of the CorporateStays family!

CS: How did you get started at CorporateStays.com?

LM: I started at the very beginning back in 2008. I was freshly graduated from McGill – I studied marketing management over there. I am originally from Quebec City, but moved to Montreal in 2005 to study in an English University.

CS: What does a normal day’s work look like for you?

LM: My day starts with a morning meeting at 8am with the team, then I follow up on sales, operations, accounting and human resources. I do a little bit of everything, there is never a day where I get bored!

CS: What’s your favourite thing about the job?

LM: The staff. I love working with them, watching them grow within the company and seeing how passionate they are about their work, they make me proud!

CS: Why do you think CorporateStays.com is better than other companies?

LM: Because we are so innovative – we are a young team, and we always do things differently from others – we’re changing common practices in the corporate housing industry. People don’t always love change at first, but they soon realize the positive impact this has on sales and profitability!

CS: What are you most looking forward to in the future of CorporateStays.com?

LM: We are currently working on our new units at the V. This will keep me busy for a couple of months, and with our extensive background and knowledge I am always excited to work on a new apartment project as I know we are improving every time because we are simply gaining experience!

CS: Why do you think the CS team works so well together?

LM: Simply because we have a young, innovative and diversified team. Although we are spread out from the east to the west coast of Canada, through the U.S., and Central and South America,  we stay connected with the help of technology. We are a small team but we all come to work every day because we share the same values: we care about our clients, we love the hospitality industry, we love to work for a young company that has a strong vision and is full of promising opportunities!
Thanks Laurence, for giving us a glimpse into your world. Stay tuned for the next awesome CorporateStays.com team member in the spotlight!

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