In June 2019, Corporate Stays announced its expansion into the West of Canada, opening two new apartments in Winnipeg. LXTX and The Spot boast innovative living concepts with proximity to the city’s main attractions.

Most people know Winnipeg as the Gateway to the West, and it has the most diversified economy of any major Canadian city. The city has prominent aerospace and excels in transportation, manufacturing, and agribusiness. It’s also home to many notable tourist attractions and festivals which are within proximity to Corporate Stays’ apartments.

There’s no time like the present to discover Corporate Stays new apartments for yourself. While you’re here, why not check out what the rest of the city has to offer? Read on for some must-see tourist destinations in Winnipeg.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights

The Spot accommodation at 825 Sterling Lyon Parkway is only a short eight-mile drive from The Canadian Musem for Human Rights.

The museum opened in 2008 and has continued to showcase cutting-edge architecture and displays. Even the land on which the museum is constructed is something special. This area is a historic territory called ‘Treaty One Land’ – land that has been a meeting place for thousands of years.

RBC Convention Centre

The RBC Convention Centre is within a short distance of Corporate Stays accommodation. Its proximity to both your apartment and inner-city Winnipeg makes it a must-attend venue for business meetings while you’re in the area.

It boasts three levels, 260,000 square feet of space, and several different meeting rooms with teleconferencing equipment. Impress your new business associates by choosing one of the best business venues in Winnipeg.

The Forks Natural Historic Site

Corporate Stays’ The Spot is a short 20-minute drive to The Forks Natural Historic Site at 1 Forks Market Rd. This tourist attraction brings millions of people to the city, and it’s clear to see why.

The Forks is the intersection of the Red River and Assiniboine. It’s well-known as one of the most important trading and meeting points throughout history. In addition, it boasts natural beauty, serenity, and calmness, and makes for a stunning photo opportunity as well. Why not stop in after your business meeting for a chance to wind down?

Winnipeg Art Gallery

Just a short 16-minute drive from LXTX apartment is the Winnipeg Art Gallery. This gallery is home to both local and international art pieces and always has a standout exhibit to capture your attention. Enjoy the array of carvings, paintings, pictures, and sculptures – many of which represent Winnipeg. You can access the art gallery by traveling down Portage Ave and onto Memorial Boulevard.

ICTA Winnipeg

Winnipeg is the least expensive city in which to operate a tech company. It’s also home to several operational hubs owned by notable firms such as Bell MTS, Microsoft, Imaginet, Librestream, and more. Why not make connections while you’re in the ‘tech capital’ of Winnipeg, or arrange for your business meeting to be held in the area?

Winnipeg is home to the Information and Communication Technologies Association of Manitoba (ICTAM), making it well worth a visit to boost your business connections.

Whether you’re in Winnipeg on business or for pleasure, Corporate Stays has the right accommodation for you. All apartments are comfortably furnished by Casa Suarez and boast a range of convenient amenities.  Besides, they feature a complete kitchen and in-suite laundry. What’s more, the apartments are also centrally located to a range of tourist attractions, business meeting points, and life’s necessities. Could it be time to visit one of the most prosperous Canadian cities?

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