Winnipeg, Canada, experienced some of the strongest economic growth across all major metropolitan areas in Canada, which is why it’s fast becoming a must-visit city on any businessperson’s travels.

If you find yourself in Winnipeg for a business meeting, then you’re certainly not short of places to stay. Corporate Stays has you covered for high-quality apartments in Tuxedo Point, but what about places to eat?

Whether you’re booked in at Corporate Stays’ LXTX or The Spot on Sterling Lyon Parkway, or somewhere nearby, then below are some of the best restaurants in Winnipeg nearby.

Bellissimo Restaurant and Lounge

Just nine minutes from premium business accommodation in Winnipeg, is a standout restaurant that’s bound to capture your attention. Bellissimo Restaurant and Lounge on Waverly Street offers the best in contemporary practices and Italian cuisine.

As a semi-fine dining restaurant, it’s perfect for that planned or unplanned business lunch. All meals boast fresh ingredients and exquisite flavours that will undoubtedly put you in your guest’s good books. Bellissimo also accommodates for business, office, and small home events if you book in advance.

JOEY Kenaston

Whether you’re meeting with one business associate or many, you can’t go past JOEY Kenaston, just 6km from some of the finest business apartments in Winnipeg. JOEY Kenaston, on Kenaston Boulevard, boasts a sleek, contemporary, and inviting dining space for almost any occasion. With enough notice, they can also host your intimate event with a special team to cater to your every need. Their globally-inspired menu is sure to pique your curiosity too.

Moxie’s Grill & Bar

If your business meeting calls for something a little less formal, then one of the best restaurants in Winnipeg is going to be Moxie’s Grill and Bar. Within a short eight-minute drive of Tuxedo Point, this eatery is perfect for new visitors to the area.

You can enjoy hearty pasta, divine burgers, and even tasty entrees such as honey garlic sirloin or Spanish cod. Take a quick trip down Kenaston Boulevard and treat your business associates to something special.

Folio Café

If you don’t fancy anything too heavy before or after a business meeting, then a trip to Folio Café is a must. This delightful little café on Grant Avenue is only a three-minute drive, or 2km distance, from Corporate Stays’ accommodation. It’s not somewhere to stop for a hearty meal but is an excellent option for a gelato on a summer’s day. Or a light bite if you fancy locally-sourced cuisine.

Mona Lisa Ristorante Italiano

If you need to pull out the big guns to seal a business deal, then make a booking at Mona Lisa Ristorante Italiano. This fine-dining restaurant on Corydon Avenue is one of the best restaurants in Winnipeg.

All pasta, dressings, and sauces are made fresh each day. The experienced team also offer wine recommendations to accompany the dishes. If you are holding a business meeting at Mona Lisa, you can also make use of their screen, projector, and sound system while you wait for quality food to arrive.

This exquisite restaurant is also only an eight-minute drive from some of the best corporate apartments in Winnipeg, making it an excellent choice for business travellers.

Sometimes it can be a challenge to find a decent restaurant to take yourself or business clients. Fortunately, if you book accommodation in Tuxedo Point, you are spoiled for options. Some of the best restaurants in Winnipeg are within the vicinity of South Tuxedo, Tuxedo, and Linden Ridge. Why travel too far when you don’t have to? 

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