Our Corporate Stays team has been fortunate enough to meet many people. When we talk with them, we hear of their travel plans, where they’ve been, where they’re going, and how long they intend on staying. However, we also learn how they fit a week’s worth of clothing into a small suitcase or bag! 

If you intend to travel any time soon, these packing tips can be helpful. We’ve learned a lot from our travelers, and we’re sure you will also. 

The best packing tips for travelers

Packing Tip #1: Make a List

The importance of making a list featured on our last packing tips list, and there’s a reason for it: it’s highly essential. It’s far too easy to forget some of those more critical items if you don’t make a list. Medication, money, and even a spare pair of socks can all be left at home if you don’t remember to write them down.

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Packing Tip #2: Know TSA Rules Inside Out 

The Transportation Security Administration doesn’t mess around. They have strict rules for security and travel, and they expect you to know what they are. Do you? If you plan on traveling anywhere within the USA – or out of it – you must ensure everything you’re packing complies with those rules. Otherwise, you can hold up an entire security line and lose valuable goods. 

Packing Tip #3: Be Aware of Baggage Fees

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a business traveler is not familiarising yourself with baggage fees. Every airline is different. Before your journey, find out who you are flying with and their rules. Those fees can dictate how much you pack and whether you take one bag or two.

Packing Tip #4: Pack Outfits, Not Garments

It doesn’t matter whether you travel for business or pleasure, you can find yourself packing a whole lot of clothes you’ll never wear. Then, when you get home, they all come out again and back into the closet. To avoid taking items you don’t need, plan your suitcase by outfits. Fold underwear, socks, pants, a shirt, and an outer layer together for one day, and do the same every other day. 

Packing Tip #5: Roll Your Clothing 

While you wouldn’t roll your clothing in your drawers at home, it makes perfect sense in your suitcase. It’s also one of the most essential packing tips we can offer. Rolling your clothing creates more room in your bag than folding, stopping the dress from creasing. 

Packing Tip #6: Learn About Laundry

Many people pack too many clothes because they need to factor in laundry opportunities. Fortunately, many Corporate Stays apartments offer in-suite laundries. Phone ahead and find out if where you are staying does as well. You can then pack less and travel lighter. 

Packing Tip #7: Pack Versatile Clothing 

Pants that turn into shorts and other versatile garments should be your go-to for traveling light. Whether you’re on the road for business or pleasure, it’s one of the best packing tips we can offer. If you can wear something more than once and in more than one temperature range, it’s a winning garment.

Packing Tip #8: Check Your Bag Size

Only some bags are suitable for overhead lockers. Therefore, if you plan to take a suitcase onboard the aircraft as a carry-on, ensure it fits before you get on. There’s nothing more awkward than holding up an entire plane of travelers while you try to stuff your enormous bag into an area that won’t fit. 

Packing Tip #9: Bring a Few Extra Bags

You never know when you’ll need them, especially for dirty clothes, which are always an afterthought. They weigh nothing and come in SO handy, so remember a few!

Packing Tip #10: Know Your Liquids 

Almost every frequent traveler should know this rule by now, but it’s still easy to forget. If you must carry any liquids, gels, or aerosols, follow the 3-1-1 rule. You should have less than 3.4 ounces in a container, one bag per passenger, and one quart in a clear, plastic, zip-lock bag. 

Sometimes, you can get so caught up in thinking about what you will do when you reach your destination that you need to put more thought into the process leading up to it. It would help if you did it. Refer to our packing tips above. Before long, you can make your way to your destination with no problems. 

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