Casa Suárez is one of the five sister companies of Corporate Stays. It specializes in modern and contemporary exotic wood furniture as well as home décor. All the Signature Collection Corporate Stays apartments are orchestrated by Casa Suárez.  From beds to sofas, cabinets, splendid lighting and all the beautiful statement pieces. Looking for new items to compliment your home? Corporate Stays is proud to announce that Casa Suárez is now operating online in Canada. Two warehouse locations have opened up in Montreal & Ottawa, therefore Casa Suárez can accommodate delivery all throughout Canada!


Casa Suárez opened a showroom in Montreal in 2017 following its success in Panama. The brand gained a lot of popularity within the last 3 years, but the world’s unforeseen pandemic inspired Casa Suárez to expand even more. Therefore, the company decided it was time to advance into the world of e-commerce.

Discover the brand’s collections through features like filters and categories. Wood, leather and steel are the most identifiable features of Casa Suárez. Real, raw and durable materials that have long-term value and quality. In addition, the various types of wood are harvested sustainably. With items available in Acacia, Mango, Rosewood and Teak, it’s easy to find the ideal wooden piece to complete a space. The furniture and decor is also handmade by artisans from around the world. For example, some pieces come from Indonesia, India and Thailand. The influence of culture is ideally reflected in all of Casa Suarez’s items. Therefore, every piece from Casa Suárez, brings home a piece of the world.

Brands & Collections

Casa Suárez  has custom in-house collections and partners. Each collection and brand vary in style, but they all have one thing in common. That is, to provide exquisite furniture and pieces that will compliment spaces to your liking.


As the name of the collection indicates, Casa Suarez Metric collection consists of handcrafted wood furniture featuring clean designs and geometric shapes for timeless appeal. The collection consists of tables, chairs, armchairs, desks, dressing mirrors, beds, rocking chairs, sofas and TV cabinets. These handmade furniture pieces are perfect for the homeowner interested in interior design consistency throughout the property.


The Industrial Collection is made of natural and rustic materials, therefore the items often include various textures and patterns. It brings together wood, metal, and leather. Pieces include a wide array of chairs, barstools, consoles and bedside cabinets.

Industrial Casa Suárez


This collection mixes leather and aluminum elements into pieces that are designed for functionality. With the items in the leather collection, you can recreate a retro, vintage, or industrial style in the decoration of your spaces.

Cuero Casa Suárez


Nkuku is one of our partners from England. They supply beautiful, ethical and eco-friendly handmade homewares & lifestyle products. Nkuku also works with artisans throughout the world, combining timeless design with traditional skills and natural materials.

Nkuku Casa Suárez

Creative Programs

The exquisite furniture company also offers a variety of programs. Firstly, they have the designer program. If you’re a designer, architect or architect, take advantage of their exclusive discounts. As a member of the designer program, you will be informed of the latest products, ideas and special offers! To apply to the program, complete the online form and send it via email to [email protected]. Secondly, they have the franchising program. This program provides an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to  to embark on the exciting world of home décor. Lastly, Casa Suárez offers interior design services. With access to exclusive partners and talented designers, Casa Suárez can listen to your needs and help you create a perfect space.

Financing Options

Casa Suárez is pleased to offer financing options to its clients. They have partnered with the Desjardins ’Accord D program to offer reliable financing options to clients. Consequently, eligible customers can enjoy an interest rate of 0% for a period of up to 12 months. There is no minimum purchase amount and customers can choose to start payment up to six months after purchase. Apply for the financing program here.

Casa Suárez is ever evolving and adding new pieces to the shop. Many more surprises are coming to the Casa Suárez online store soon. You can stay updated by subscribing to the newsletter here. 

Casa Suárez Furniture

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