The thought of celebrating Mother’s Day away from your children as you travel for business may seem grueling at first, but there are an abundance of ways in which you can still connect with your kids back home while treating yourself to a luxurious day that a hard-working mother like you deserves. Whether you’re dropping some gift idea hints to your husband back home, or are planning something special to do after your next boardroom meeting, these Mother Day ideas will keep your day special even during the 9-5 business grind.

Upgrade and Upscale

On your business trip, you’ll likely to be spending some time in your furnished apartment that the company has pre-booked for you, but  inquire with the front desk and see if you can treat yourself to a little bit of an upgrade and upscale. At CorporateStays, CLUB members can get easy upgrades and extras! Once the work day has ended, slip into the extra large tub, pour in some bubbles and enjoy the luxury of not having to share your box of chocolates as you unwind from the day. Then, go enjoy that extra large bed that you don’t have to share with the bouncing kids and family dog.

Ship the Sweets

Now is the perfect time to drop a couple of hints to your children about sending the sweetness of this celebration to wherever you are going for your business trip. This could be as simple as having some flowers delivered to your suite or your favorite meal being delivered to your room, just to show you how incredible of a mom you are. Depending on the age of your kids, you may need to give a little “nudge nudge” to your spouse so that he makes the proper arrangements to make this day away from your family feel like you’re right at home.

Spa Treatment

As the clock strikes 5, keep yourself from exiting that boardroom and heading straight to your apartment. Arrange a little spa treatment for yourself at a local salon. Ask your executive concierge about this and he will be happy to reserve the perfect spa experience you deserve.  It’ll allow you to take in the new sights and enjoy some company as you reminisce about the handful you have back home. You’ll definitely feel refreshed and revived for the next morning meeting.

Video Chat

Being way from your family and children during Mother’s Day can pull at your heart strings a bit, but set up a specific time to video chat them once you’re back in your upgraded, and upscale executive apartment. Simply hearing “happy Mother’s day” and seeing their faces will be enough to show you how truly special of a mom you are.

Gather the Clan

If you’re traveling with other business associates, suggest going for a dinner and movie to celebrate together. It’ll be a nice way to refrain yourself from feeling lonely or missing your children on this special day while also allowing you to create a stronger bond with other employees. Depending on the location of your business trip, you could really get up to a lot of fun on any given evening.

Pack Something Special

If you know that your business travel is going to take place during Mother’s Day, plan ahead and pack yourself something extra such as pictures or special things that remind you of how accomplished you’ve become as a hard-working mother. Home is where the heart is, so pack it up with you as you head out on your next business trip.

Your Mother’s Day celebration doesn’t have to be sacrificed just because you’re on the road for business. Make your Mother’s Day memorable by staying in one of our beautiful corporate apartments!

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