Welcome to Vancouver, a city jauntily perched on the Canadian Pacific Rim like a sunbathing beauty catching the last few days of summer, impervious to the cool ocean breeze… This is the place West Coast vacation memories are made of – an idyllic paradise with skyscrapers soaring high, mountains soaring higher and at ground level, and everything from bistros to bars to beautiful beaches. If you intend to relocate to Vancouver, then you should definitely read this article!

This is a cosmopolitan outpost, a new Gotham on the old frontier with all the vitality and energy of an alive and kicking world-class metropolis. With the city’s ever-growing popularity as a vacation and commercial destination, it’s no surprise that your lodging dollar gets devalued amid the glam and glitter of the millions of hotels boasting more stars than the American flag. Here we look at some 10 reasons why you need to consider a stay in Vancouver on your corporate trip:

An Ultimate Guide about Relocating to Vancouver

1. Have Fun At Stanley Park

This place is famous for so many reasons. It is situated on a vast 1000-acre piece of land that houses venues that will surely make your stay in Vancouver unforgettable. You will always have things to do in Stanley Park. A few of these things include touring the place while riding on a horse-drawn carriage, riding a bicycle along the seawall, swimming in the children’s water park or at the heated freshwater pool, and playing golf with your family and friends. Stanley Park also has venues for the kids, including the Children’s Farmyard, where kids can interact with ponies, llamas, and goats, among other animals. There are also restaurants in the area that offer delicious foods to satisfy your appetite, including the Prospect Point Café, the Fish House, and the Sequoia Grill.

guide to discover vancouver and 10 reasons to relocate to Vancouver

2. Be One With Nature At The Granville Island

If you want fun and worthwhile activities here, visit Granville Island. Granville Island has some marinas along the shoreline where you can enjoy a leisurely walk with your family. Suppose you want to look for distinctive arts and crafts items. In that case, go to the Granville Island Public Market, where you can taste several Vancouver delicacies. You can also visit Granville Island’s inexpensive restaurants and eateries for a sumptuous meal with family and friends. Because of these and several more, visiting Granville Island should be one place to look up to to unwind.

3. Be Awed At Vancouver Art Gallery

Vancouver isn’t only known for its excellent tourist attractions. Still, it’s also a city that appreciates arts and crafts, which you can determine when you visit this Art Gallery. The gallery houses more than 10,000 permanent art collections, which is expected to increase in number in the coming years. All individuals, even people who don’t seem inclined to arts, can relish a day’s visit here as they witness the displays of several of the best paintings, photographs, and art collections of Vancouver-based and Canadian artists and stunning exhibitions that this art gallery offers.

Relocating to Vancouver: A complete guide to enjoy a unique experience

4. Enjoy the city’s climate

The climate of the region is another highlight of the city. The Pacific Ocean also provides a constant supply of air, soft and wet, which in summer is warm and dry, while in winter, from December to February, it rains heavily; blessed with a beautiful location and mild winter climate, Vancouver is always perfect for vacations. Its festive mood all year round makes for an ideal holiday destination. According to business magazine assessments, Vancouver has ranked highly in the worldwide “liveable city” rankings for more than a decade. The Economist Intelligence Unit also acknowledged it as the first city to rank among the top ten of the world’s most liveable cities for five straight years.

5. Unique delicacies

Lovers of good food will be spoiled for choice, given the plethora of exotic cuisines that restaurants offer, such as Italian, Chinese, and Indian. The Canadian wines have a good lineage and are found in upscale restaurants in Vancouver. Those from the Niagara region and the Valley Okanagan are deemed to be genuinely excellent. White wines, Chardonnay and Riesling, also enjoy a good reputation. But who is the pride of Canada? It is the Ice Wine. Wine from the Niagara region is obtained from grapes that have frozen up. The concentration of sugar gives rise to a syrupy wine.

Granville Island in Vancouver

6. Go up Grouse Mountain

The Grouse Grind is Vancouver’s best climb, hiked by over one hundred thousand outdoorspeople yearly. “The Grind” is well known among Vancouver’s greatest hikers and was developed in 1981. It is more than a restful stroll in the coastal mountains alongside Vancouver’s northern shore. The ascent of the trek is 56% and includes 2830 steps! Although it is a laborious hike to the viewpoint at the top, it is well worth the climb, and the view is well deserved. Indeed, you will like it.

7. Enjoy the scenic drive along the famous Sea-to-Sky Highway.

Enjoy the magnificent scenery and experience the sparkling turquoise inlet, rocky cliffs, and old-growth rainforest.

8. Experience Whistler Village.

The Whistler Village is a paradise for people who love snow. The 8,100 acres of the slope are perfect for all kinds of winter sports. You can also enjoy the snow by walking around the village while admiring the luxurious chalets. Try mountain biking on the North Shore. Experience the best mountain biking trail, get dirty, and feel the air.

9. Check out Vancouver’s free museums

The city has many free museums, like the BC Golf Museum. It’s a great way to discover more about the city without spending much money.

Relocating to Vancouver and need a fully furnished Apartment?

10. Vancouver Furnished Apartments

Almost every tourist and vacationer wants to make their vacation memorable as much as possible. For this purpose, Vancouver offers fully furnished Vancouver short-term or long-term rentals at very economical rates. These furnished rentals provide extra space and luxury services, including a dining room, living room, kitchen, bath, and separate bedrooms. Also, every Vancouver accommodation offers complete privacy and security for each family member. Also, it gives you a sense of a home far away from your home.

Vancouver offers you high-class living in the shape of Vancouver vacation rentals.

Each rental offers more affordable, luxurious living than a low-end hotel or motel. If you look around in Vancouver, many accommodation options are available that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to afford your favorite apartment, condominium, or villa on the beach side or in the middle of Vancouver. These rentals are available in different sizes, like trim, modest rentals, or larger ones with several bedrooms and rooms for you and your complete family.

Vancouver furnished rentals are perfect for family get-togethers, business purposes, or just big group vacations with your friends. It is a great challenge for almost every tourist or visitor to find the perfect accommodation that fulfills your needs according to your budget. Whether you are visiting this city with your family members for educational reasons, to attend events or conventions, or on a business trip, these Vancouver-furnished rentals are perfect for everyone.

Corporate Stays and relocating to Vancouver

Corporate Stays: Your Trusted Partner for a Seamless Transition

At Corporate Stays, we’ve been crafting exceptional living experiences since 2008, and we take pride in being one of Canada’s leading furnished rentals and corporate housing providers. With over a decade of expertise, we understand the importance of a smooth relocation. Our portfolio boasts more than 1000 fully furnished apartments, each meticulously equipped with all the amenities you need for a seamless transition.

Book your stay with us and enjoy Vancouver at your own pace. Remember to follow us @CorporateStyas for more insights!

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