Since the pandemic hit, the media has been awash with trend-watching pieces predicting how society might change. It is likely that some of these trends driven by the pandemic will eventually fade, but the remote work revolution is here to stay. Find out everything you need to Work Remotely While Traveling.

Globally, companies have been forced to adopt flexible work-from-home rules – and now it appears many will make them permanent and this will have a huge impact on how we work and travel.

Consequently, office workers are now able to work from home, and may even do so without actually being in their office. Efforts to integrate work and travel are now feasible, and there are a number of ways by which employees can work remotely. Thus, we have compiled some tips to help you work remotely while traveling and living abroad.

Corporate stays terrace view
Corporate stays terrace view

Discover the Jobs That Allow You to Work Remotely While Traveling

It is becoming increasingly common to perform many jobs in virtual environments. As a result, employers and employees are able to collaborate from anywhere in the world without having to worry about getting up early. Naturally, some sectors have developed this practice more than others. However, since the pandemic began, a substantial percentage of the working population has had to modify their habits for the sake of biosecurity. So, if you are seeking the flexibility of working remotely, there are plenty of opportunities available to you. All you need to do is determine what type of work best fits you professionally and start researching what kind of remote work might be suitable for you.

Here is a list of the jobs you can do anywhere in the world:

  • Content writer
  • Programmer
  • Web designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Virtual assistant
  • Private tutor or teacher
  • Community manager
  • Marketing consultant
  • Life coach
  • Translator
  • Accountant
  • Editor

It is apparent that there is a wide array of jobs that one can perform while traveling. In order to be successful, you must put your imagination to work and determine the service you will provide. An example of this is having your own website and using social media to describe your services is a good idea when looking for employment. You can also start getting clients by offering your services in freelance projects through different platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, Behance, We Work Remotely, and many others.

Remote tools for businesses
Remote tools for businesses

Tools That Remote Workers Need

If you are going to work online, you have to keep in mind that your work material is the most important thing. Besides, without it, it would be impossible to deliver your work on time…

First of all, you need to have access to reliable internet, a computer and a cell phone. These are the main tools to keep you in touch and do your work. But there are also other tools that can complement your work very well and make it more profitable.

Let’s talk about online platforms that help you communicate better. For example, Zoom, Google Meets, Google Calendars, Slack, Workplace, Skype, Facetime, Asana, Basecamp, among others. These will facilitate communication and organization with your team members. On the other hand, you should also take into account the workspace; since the days of an office are over and now it is up to you to create a quiet space that will benefit your work rhythm and increase your productivity.

If you are constantly on the road, try to carry with you cushions, portable computer tables, chairs, and a comfortable workspace. One of the most efficient things you can do is to rent furnished apartments that allow you to have your own office and space to do your work. Put comfort before everything else, your productivity and professional efficiency will also depend on where you are.

Productivity tips
Productivity tips

Tips to Be Productive When Working Remote

Being a digital nomad also leads to concerns that your productivity will be affected. It is now your responsibility to stick to your work schedule and not be tempted to get distracted by your phone or stay in your pajamas all day. Fortunately for you, some people have been using the work-from-home model for years, and if they can do it, you can too. You just need a couple of tips on how to have a productive day:

Establish a Morning Routine

Yes, waking up a few minutes before opening the computer sounds appealing, but this only hurts your productivity. You’re not giving your body enough time to wake up leisurely. Take some time in your mornings to have your coffee and breakfast in peace, take a shower, exercise, organize your to-do’s list and get your body ready to start your work routine.

Prepare Your Workplace

As mentioned above, it is important that you find a job that gives you comfort and security to work. If you are constantly traveling, you can create this space yourself in the apartment you are staying in. Make sure it has a spacious desk where you can work, a chair that is comfortable or even ergonomic, and a pleasant environment that makes you get in the workflow.

Don’t Get Distracted by Your Phone

This is quite common when working remotely. You don’t have a police chief watching you, so you have more freedom. This can also work against you and cause your cell phone to become your biggest problem. The thing is simple, stay away from temptation! Use apps to deactivate notifications that distract you and keep only the essentials. You will see how this positively impacts your work rhythm, productivity and will avoid many problems.

Set Goals for the Day

Setting realistic goals for the day will allow you to begin your working day with a productive mindset. The importance of setting minor and major goals cannot be overemphasized; by completing your major goals first, you will be motivated to complete the minor ones. Having said that, you can arrange them in a way that motivates you to keep going, so find a system that suits your needs.

Do One Thing at a Time and Take Breaks

When setting your goals for the day, set a deadline to complete your tasks and focus on them until you finish. Be sure to take breaks throughout the day. Although some research has shown that people who work remotely take more and longer breaks, it has also shown that breaks increase productivity. On the other hand, make sure your breaks don’t involve sitting on your cell phone. If you are traveling, take advantage of the scenery, nature, or go for a short walk. This will recharge your batteries and make your ideas flow better.

Digital Nomad Working
Digital Nomad Working

Become a Digital Nomad

If your dream is to work while traveling the world, your life is sure to be full of adventure. However, be prepared for what’s to come. Get organized with both your travel and your work so that you can enjoy both to the fullest.  Thus, Corporate Stays offers you solutions that will facilitate your trips with comfort and enjoyment. If you are in Canada, take advantage of the CS PASSPORT to travel around different cities and stay in our furnished apartments. This will give you the possibility to have a membership that welcomes you to each city and avoids having to worry about where you are going to stay.

On the other hand, If you happen to be working remotely in Canada, you can complement this service by renting a car that allows you to move around comfortably and without any problem. Avoid uncertainty, carrying your luggage, or worrying about where you are going to work. Corporate Stays takes care of your needs and advises you to make the most of your life as a digital nomad.

Enjoy the Process!

Last but not least, the most important thing is to enjoy the process and create an environment that allows you to travel and stay productive at the same time. Get inspiration from our list of tips and choose the best option that fits your needs.

We are experts in accompanying digital nomads like you who want to spread their wings and fly to new horizons. Book your next destination with Corporate Stays and for more travel inspiration, follow us on Instagram.


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