As one of the world’s most culturally diverse cities in the world, Winnipeg is a hubbub for a multiplicity of languages, nationalities, and ideas. Over 40 countries and 100 languages are represented here, each immigrant bringing a little bit of their origins to the city. Such a diverse scene is what makes Winnipeg not only a financial centre in Western Canada, but also an incredibly enriching area to explore. Year-round festivals, such as Festival di Voyageur, Folklorama, and the Fringe Festival, means there’s always something fun coming up. If you ever find yourself in this magnificent city, try out some of our recommendations on the top things to do in Winnipeg!


Manitoba Museum

History, science, and space come together in the Manitoba Museum. The primary exhibition shows the human and natural history of Manitoba. The collections number over 2.6 million artifacts and specimens, and the researchers are renowned for their work. Among the exhibits are fossils, zoology specimens, and the Hudson’s Bay Collection. The Science Gallery aims to teach visitors the wonders and marvels of science. Exhibits range from basic to more specialized science, such as a forensic science section and the “Engineered for Speed” area where you can build and test a race car. Finally the planetarium displays outer space and the night sky in shows on their domed roof.


Royal Canadian Mint

You can discover the high-tech facility that produces every single Canadian circulation coin and check out the newest collection of gold and silver coins. Guided tours are available for visitors to discover the art and science of coin-making. If you have a coin collection, the Mint has its own collector coins for sale in their boutique. Better yet, make your own souvenir coin in their coin museum, or try lifting the 99.99% pure gold bar, valued at over $600,000. This modern building also holds a tropical garden and fountain for a pleasurable visit.


Forks Market

Forks Market is the best way to find a vast array and get a taste of the ethnic cuisines available in Winnipeg. Of the many ethnic groups in the city, Germans, Ukrainians, and Britons are the most plentiful, so watch out for a number of authentic dishes available to try. Shop around the market for some unique goods, and explore the area for a pleasant and scenic walk. For a good view, there is a lookout available for visitors.


Canadian Museum for Human Rights

This exceptional museum is built on the premise of formulating dialogue and discussions about human rights in Canada and around the world. Controversial and eye-opening, this museum shakes the human experience with powerful personal accounts, story-telling, and art. The museum hopes to promote a better, more informed world through their exhibits. These dynamic exhibits are housed in an equally profound building design, heavily based on symbolism. Imitating the look of five dove wings wrapping over each other, the architecture reaches out and grabs ever visitor’s attention.


Winnipeg Art Gallery

Canadian, American, European and Inuit classical and contemporary art are all on display in Western Canada’s oldest art gallery. Prepare to fully immerse in a world of culture as you browse all the meticulous displays. Browse their gallery shop afterwards for some art reproductions, truly memorable and classy gifts, or interesting wood and glass sculptures. On the penthouse level is a restaurant with a Mediterranean menu, inspired by one of their art exhibitions (Olympus: The Greco-Roman Collections of Berlin).


Winnipeg is a city that opens the eyes of all its visitors, with a variety of cultural events and natural beauty. Take your time to explore!

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