With a wealth of experience in the housing and hospitality industries that dates back to 2008, Corporate Stays has developed a deep understanding business travel in Vancouver and the unique nuances associated with Corporate housing in Vancouver. As a team, we are experts in offering customized apartment rental options to satisfy the unique requirements of our business travellers navigating Vancouver’s diverse environment.

Recognizing the city’s unique nature, Corporate Stays prioritizes essential components such as connectivity, comfort, and efficiency for our guests. Beyond mere financial considerations, we understand that factors like time, service excellence, and clear communication directly impact output. In response to the specific requirements of our business visitors in Vancouver, we have meticulously developed a range of benefits. These include attentive management, aggressive pricing, and a steadfast commitment to ensuring your staff members experience a seamless transition as they settle into Vancouver.

Are you seeking for a dependable partner to provide business travellers fully furnished rentals in Vancouver? Corporate Stays is your go-to resource. 

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Our team of committed and experienced account managers, possessing extensive knowledge of Vancouver’s business environment, will promptly provide you with a customized corporate package tailored to this vibrant city’s specific needs.

Business Travel in Vancouver, get unique prices with Corporate Stays!

Corporate Stays Business Services & Features tailored for Vancouver include:

  • Upon arrival, guests are given thorough suite and building orientations that provide insights into the city’s different neighborhoods
  • Superb housekeeping norms
  • Personalized cleaning services to meet the demands of the visitor 
  • Well-placed lodging options in Vancouver that provide easy access to major thoroughfares and transportation centers
  • Improved wireless connection for the internet
  • Ideal and cozy locations created for remote workers 
  • Smart TVs that have an IPTV box installed
  • Access to recreational building amenities

Feel free to explore our website or reach out to our dedicated staff. They possess extensive experience in every aspect of Vancouver’s business environment. For more information on our specially crafted packages for this city and the unique benefits of choosing Corporate Stays here, our team is ready to assist you with your business travel in Vancouver.

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