Toronto can be an overwhelming city to work out of. There are a lot of really great ways to make the most of a business trip to the business capital of Canada, you just need to know where to look! Fortunately for you we’ve got the ultimate guide to Toronto business travel for you right here.

Toronto Business Travel Tip 1: Know Where You’re Going


This might seem like a no-brainer for some, but going over your itinerary ahead of time goes a long way. Toronto has not one, but TWO airports in relatively close proximity. Billy Bush (YVR) is much smaller and faster to check in, while Pearson International (YYZ) is much bigger and can mean lineups of up to 30 minutes. Check your info before getting in your UBER and take into account where you’re flying out of in order to arrive there appropriately early.

Toronto Business Travel Tip 2: Location, Location, Location


Toronto has an extremely diverse set of options when it comes to meeting places. You’ll find everything from a low key coffee shop on King Street West, to an accurately authentic Thai restaurant on Queen Street West, to a great Barcelonian pinxtos bar on College Street! So make sure to gauge the business meeting appropriately beforehand. Location goes a long way to creating the perfect environment for closing a deal.

Toronto Business Travel Tip 3: Dress Code

Speaking of what’s appropriate, Toronto does not do away with business formalities. In many ways it has very traditional views towards business. It’s not uncommon to be the only person in s coffee house in the middle of the day on a Tuesday without a suit on. So dress accordingly. Even if it’s not something you normally do, in Toronto it’s safer to dress up than dress down.

Toronto Business Travel Tip 4: UBER is Your Friend

Toronto isn’t the largest city, but there are sometimes large gaps between where you had your morning meeting and where you’ve got your lunch meeting. Instead of waiting for or hailing a cab, only to find out the driver only takes cash, skip the drama. UBER culture is extremely popular in Toronto, and that makes getting to your business meeting on time a whole lot easier.

Toronto Business Travel Tip 5: Stay Corporate

While it’s great to say all of our CorporateStays buildings are located in key locations, it actually does make a difference! Being a few blocks away from your meeting spot means you get more time to prep beforehand. It also means that if you lose track of time, you’ll be in way less of a rush, and cutting down on any stress can only help your business game. Take a look at our Toronto locations!

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