If your business travels require you to stay put in different places for an extended period of time, worrying about accommodation costs is understandable. Luckily, with plentiful corporate rental options, you no longer have to rely on upscale hotels to make your stay comfortable!

Corporate rentals allow you to rent a property of your liking for a certain period. While this may seem tedious, the plus point is that you get to rent a fully furnished property! It sure would be nice to have a range of amenities around you even when you’re far away from home, wouldn’t it?

Corporate housing isn’t just about comfort; you can enjoy many other benefits by staying in a fully furnished rental property. Here are some pros of renting a property.

Save Money

Corporate housing is cheaper than an upscale hotel- average rental rates for corporate rentals are about 30-50% less than those charged by luxury hotels. In addition to this, you’re not required to pay hotel charges when you rent a furnished apartment.

Moreover, hotels may charge you extra for laundry service, parking, gym use, etc. When you rent a furnished property, you can use all its amenities without paying extra. That includes the washer and dryer, Wi-Fi, cable TV, and telephone!

A corporate housing property will also have a fully equipped kitchen. You’ll save a lot on food bills if you can cook simple meals. If you’re a health freak, cooking your meals means that you can watch your diet while traveling, too! 

Get More Value for Money

Just because corporate housing is cheaper, don’t assume you won’t get value for money. Corporate apartments can give you more value for the same amount of money you’d spend on a luxurious hotel room. 

Have Loved Ones Stay with You

If you’ve been traveling alone to save on accommodation costs for two or more people, you needn’t do so anymore. While you must book separate rooms for loved ones or pay more for an extra bed when checking into a hotel, you needn’t bother with these expenses when renting a corporate apartment.

Just consider the number of people you’ll be staying with and pick an apartment to accommodate everyone comfortably. Several corporate homes welcome pets, too! 

Choose Furnishings

Hotel rooms are usually the same; you would prefer something else to furnishings. When you opt for corporate housing, you can browse through homes decked up in various styles and find a home that suits your taste. You can also ask for a rental property to be customized per your preference.

Furthermore, your luxury hotel suite may have a different rooftop garden than you’d prefer. Still, you’ll undoubtedly be able to find a house with a swimming pool or an indoor gymnasium. So research corporate housing options well before you book a hotel room!

corporate rentals with corporate stays

Feel At Home

No matter how lavishly furnished, hotel rooms can rarely make you feel at home. If you often get homesick, consider corporate housing options that resemble your home. Renting a property similar to your place will make you feel better and help you concentrate on your work!

For example, you may not find a rental property with a garden as beautiful as yours. Still, you might find a property with a little balcony garden with a bit of artificial grass to complement the décor. 

Enjoy Privacy

Even if you travel off-season, hotels will likely see many people coming in and going out. If you crave the privacy of your own home, renting a property is your best bet.

Most corporate housing properties will have maintenance staff on specific days and during particular hours to keep the place in order. If you don’t want to be disturbed, you can ask the team to get chores done as per your schedule.

Live Like a Local

Hotels will always have a touristy vibe. On the other hand, renting a city apartment will help you get the feel of the place you’re visiting. Since you won’t be working 24/7, staying among the locals and being able to interact with them is sure to build lasting memories.

Also, note that hotels may be far from places you’ll need to frequent. If you opt for corporate housing, you can choose where to stay to save time commuting from one place to another.

Now that you’ve read these benefits, nothing should stop you from renting a corporate housing property and having a great time!


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