Business trips can often be tiring. You are undoubtedly familiar with hotel chains if you have frequently traveled to other cities with your company for a couple of months. Living in a hotel certainly has advantages, but you always feel like you’re passing through the town rather than part of the community. Therefore, a large number of business people choose corporate housing. Since we offer all the services of a hotel, such as housekeeping and 24-7 support, and at the same time, we provide amenities as you would have at home, we have earned the trust of many people who travel to Brossard and go for short-term rentals.


short-term rentals in Brossard


Short-term rentals are in the most beautiful locations.

Hotels change guests frequently, so they are usually located in places with a lot of traffic, such as airports. Corporate apartments are located in the heart of the city, in the community, so you will have the opportunity to live like a real local! Lumeo, a 9-story complex in Brossard, is situated next to the prominent DIX30 commercial center, considered Canada’s first lifestyle center and second largest shopping center in Canada. If you are looking for a lively environment, you will have that experience just a step away from your executive suites.


short-term rentals in Brossard

Short-term rentals are more cost-effective.

Renting corporate accommodation is much cheaper than it is to book a hotel room for several months, especially when it comes to attractive, popular locations. 

In addition, there are further rental benefits within Corporate Stays!

For a monthly stay in Lumeo, you get a discount of $450

In the Lumeo condominium, our clientele enjoys excellent comfort and elegance. The two-room apartment, for which we currently have a flash sale, has a private balcony and two bathrooms, while the two rooms are at opposite ends for maximum privacy.

Sophisticated modern interior, elegant amenities & beautiful views of the city’s prominent place.

Book your temporary housing with Corporate Stays, be up-close and personal with Brossard, and actively engage in the local lifestyle. It’s a limited-time offer, so hurry up and save big!



Short-term apartment rentals have all the amenities.

When choosing suitable accommodation, you want the comfort of your home not to suffer because of business-related needs. It is good to have fast internet throughout the suite, but a fully equipped kitchen is a must, as is a laundry unit.

In Lumeo’s furnished apartments, you will have everything you need to have a quality rest and refreshment after a hard day’s work. Some benefits are a pool, bbq area, rooftop, fitness center, and communal terrace. 

If some business needs cannot wait, there is also a conference room.



There are extra services, like transportation.

Our guests must have a complete experience, so when it comes to transportation needs, you can always contact us and rent a car starting from $40 per day. Check out Corporate cars for more information.


Also, you can look at all the other services we offer for a stress-free stay.

Book now and enjoy a pleasant stay in the comfort and safety of Lumeo luxury accommodation.


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