Stay Now Pay Later : Corporate Stays Is Accommodating Your Travel Needs

Many individuals are hesitating to travel due to the increased costs of accommodation and airfare. Therefore, Corporate Stays is aiding its guests with a special short term rental assistance program. Having a choice gives you flexibility, whether you want to get the payment out of the way or have the option to save. Regardless, if you’re travelling for business or pleasure, Corporate Stays’ Stay Now, Pay Later program offers easy and affordable monthly payment options for all its guests.

Throughout the month of August, Corporate Stays is featuring apartments with flexible payment plans. Guests will be able to book their accommodation and spread out the cost of their stay by making monthly payments. For example, a 10 night stay at Loft4U in Montreal, will require a monthly payment of 89$ for 10 months. Buildings from all across Canada that are featured in the Stay Now Pay Later program will be revealed on a weekly basis.

Travel Canada Corporate Stays

The goal of the Stay Now Pay Later program is to provide Canadians with an opportunity to discover Canada safely, without any financial restraints. Our Signature Collection apartments are located all across Canada, therefore guests have a wide range of cities to choose from. All of our buildings are situated in prime locations, have amazing amenities, and offer 24/7 support.

Stay Now Pay Later Program Terms & Conditions: 

  • Book a short term stay at our Stay Now Pay Later featured units (1-2 week stay)
  • No upfront payment is required
  • Establish a monthly fixed payment plan with our team representatives
  • No interest rates are added to your bill.

Take advantage of this limited-time offer and explore the wonderful things Canada has to offer! Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with the featured properties!

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