Plan your Ottawa business trip and try these incredible restaurants

While many Ottawa residents can remember having to Jump in the car and head to Montreal when they wanted a great meal, things have really livened up on the culinary scene of Canada’s capital city. Stoll along any thoroughfare like Murray street or through the Byward market area and you’ll find more restaurants than meals in a week – the only solution? Stay longer!
For a special occasion
For true fine dining, you can’t get much better than Bekta. Think caviar, oysters and fois gras, paired with perfect suggestions from a knowledgable sommelier. The five-course tasting menu is the perfect gastronomic journey through sophisticated, modern American cuisine. Pricy, but well worth it

Southern-Style Comfort Food
Thought northerners couldn’t do southern-style hospitality? Think again! At Union 613,  communal seating and a dimly lit, lively atmosphere will make you feel like you’re chowing down with the family. Go for the Louisiana catfish, cornbread and bourbon brown butter – you won’t be disappointed.

Perfect Pizza
Pizza lovers – do not leave Ottawa without a trip to Slice & Co. With both thin crust and deep dish offerings, toppings like double-smoked bacon, great salads and yummy cocktails, you’ll definitely want to linger in this cozy spot for quite a while.

Molecular Gastronomy
If you’re curious about the baffling and exquisite foams, mousses and powders of molecular gastronomy, then pull up a seat at Atelier, where local, seasonal ingredients are transformed into mind-blowing works of Art.

The best Tapas
If the live flamenco music doesn’t draw you in, then the impressive menu at Navarra definitely should. You can indulge in a long dinner in the restaurant section, or pull up a seat at the bar and order a few plates of the inspired tapas – each one a surprising global twist on the Spanish theme.

And trust us, this is just the tip of the delicious iceberg. We could (and may have to) fill five more blog posts with this gourmet city’s latest offerings. Oh, and if you find yourself looking for a weekend morning spot, check out our post on Ottawa’s best brunches. Happy eating!

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