Typically, business meals are lunch. Sometimes, they are a simple coffee or even a full-blown dinner, but there is rarely much deviation. Why not change things up? The next time you’re in La Belle Province, try a business breakfast meeting in Montreal.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Ensure that you and those you are meeting get the best start to your day. We have all been in morning meetings that seem to drone on forever despite the best efforts of our coffee. A breakfast meeting will be fine.

Are you new to Montreal and still figuring out where to go? No need to worry. Read on for our top picks in Montreal’s best meeting breakfast restaurants.

Breakfest meeting in Montreal

Top Spot for a Breakfast Meeting in Montreal: Les Affames

Come by the eastern part of Montreal, near the Olympic Park, and bring an appetite. French for “the hungry,” Les Affames serves up a variety of French fusions sure to please all palates. Their Huevos Rancheros are served with pulled pork and the classic eggs and avocados. For a more vegetarian option, try their zucchini crepes, served with ricotta, poached eggs, and house gravlax.

Les Affames serves brunch from Tuesday to Friday, 10 AM – 3 PM, and weekends from 9 AM – 3 PM. Find them at 4137 Sainte-Catherine East.

Breakfest meeting in Montreal

Top Spot for a Breakfast Meeting in Montreal: Arthur’s Nosh Bar

 To the other side of Montreal, in the western borough of St. Henri, Arthur’s Nosh Bar is a local landmark. Enjoy classic Jewish delicacies like their wonderful potato latkes, or try their delicious breakfast sandwiches. “The Classic” is a bagel served with organic house smoked salmon, cream cheese, pickled onion, sliced tomatoes, and capers. Best of all, during the summer, you can take in scenic Notre Dame street from their outdoor terrace.

Arthur’s Nosh Bar is located at 4621 rue Notre Dame West. They serve breakfast all day, from Monday to Friday, 8 AM – 3 PM and weekends from 9 AM – 4 PM.

Top Spot for a Breakfast Meeting in Montreal: Ruby Rouge

Ruby Rouge is a classic Dim Sum spot in Montreal’s Chinatown. Enjoy a departure from the classic eggs and bacon with traditional Cantonese dishes. Take an adventure by trying the chicken feet, which are actually quite good. The BBQ pork buns and dumplings are also available for more classic choices. And with the waiters wheeling by the various dishes to try, you won’t have to worry about missing out on anything.

Ruby Rouge is located at 1008 Clark Street and is open from 8:30 AM every day.

Top Spot for a Breakfast Meeting in Montreal: Melisse

Want something a little lighter for your business breakfast? Melissa, just south of Square Victoria, is the perfect option. This is one breakfast meeting in Montreal where you won’t have to choose between your diet and taste buds. The Tartine Matin is a filling toast topped with a wonderful blend of hardboiled egg, mayo, dill, chives, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Their breakfast sandwich with egg, cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce is another easy choice. And for those who want a little more meat in the morning, Melisse offers the option of bacon, ham, or salmon gravlax with your breakfast.

Melisse opens at 7:30 AM on weekdays and 9 AM on weekends. They are located at 719 William Street.

Top Spot for a Breakfast Meeting in Montreal: Universel

It’s a popular choice in Montreal for a reason. With three prime locations on Peel Street, Sainte Catherine West, and Saint-Denis, Universel is a prime spot for a breakfast meeting in Montreal. More than a convenient downtown location, Universel also consistently serves up a delicious breakfast offering. Enjoy the poached eggs that have made this restaurant so popular, or perhaps the delightful grilled cheese, which is a perfect comfort food. Universal also offers a variety of fresh juices and an even fresher take on the bubbly with their strawberry mimosa.

Universel’s three locations open at 7 AM all week long. For directions to the closest location for you, please click here.

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Enjoy your meeting? The benefits of having a breakfast meeting in Montreal will continue after the meeting is over. Not only will everyone at the conference have a great start to the rest of their day, but they will associate that good start with you. A typical piece of dating advice is to try something new, as people tend to associate a new and enjoyable experience with the person they tried it with. Make an impression with your originality; the next time you’re in town, suggest having a breakfast meeting in Montreal. You’ll be sure to be invited to a follow-up.

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