Places You Must See In Medellin Columbia

Have you ever experienced food in such a way that from the very first bite your toes curl and your heart skips a beat? Yes, food in Medellin is that good! Food in Latin American has a certain flare to it; sugar and spice makes everything nice when it comes to the food in this wonderful city. Foodies from all over the world take pleasure in the various mouth-watering meats and desserts. If you ever find yourself in Medellin, these are the foods you absolutely must try:

Popular Dishes

Here are the top 3 most popular dishes for visitors to try while in Medellin. They are guaranteed to tantalize your tongue from start to finish!

  • Lechona- This meat dish is very popular among locals in Tolima, but it has now made its way to Medellin and with good reason. Cooked in a clay oven for over 10 hours, this mighty dish consists of an entire roasted pig stuffed with rice, onions, and peas, coated in a variety of spices.
  • Fritanga- This is what most North Americans would consider a hodge podge. Here you have a massive plate full of grilled chicken and beef along with corn and potatoes. Topped with aji sauce, this dish will keep you full for a good 48 hours.
  • Hormigas Culonas- Also known as ants, these are soaked in salty water then roasted to perfection. Some even claim this to be an aphrodisiac.


Cruise along the busy streets in the early morning and you will see locals in eateries enjoying a typical Medellin breakfast. For the most part, this consists of arepas which is like a stuffed crunchy cornmeal pancake. Top them with fruit or cream cheese and enjoy. Of course, no breakfast is complete without traditional Colombian coffee!

Treats and snacks

Fruits are abundant in Medellin; the most popular being lulo, uchuva, zapote, and feijoa. When you are dining, ask for the orange and watermelon mix juice called Salpicón. Other tasty treats include churros which are fried pieces of dough sweetened with powdered sugar, and empanadas which is a small fried half-circle of dough stufffed with meat and/or veggies.

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