Moving Day Made Easy with CorporateStays.com

Apr 8, 2014 | City Guides, Lifestyle & Tips

For most of Quebec, July 1st means just one thing. Nope, not Canada’s national holiday, but moving day, the one day of the year when you’ll see mattresses strapped to the tops of cars, U-Haul Vans parked illegally, and microwaves and inkjet printers on the sidewalks of Montreal.

But for many CorporateStays.com guests, moving day could come at any time of year – often because of a work relocation, or a family situation, or even an extended vacation. And while it’s true that our furnished apartments are fully equipped with everything you could need to make that transition easier, it’s an inconvenient reality that you may still have to pack up your things before coming our way. And no one looks forward to that part.

So we’ve decided to run a series of helpful posts on ‘Moving Day’ – no matter what day of the year that falls on for you. And we want to hear your stories – got any packing hacks? Any lessons you learned the hard way? Any ways in which your new apartment company could make it easier to arrive and get settled?

Join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #CSMovingDay or drop us a line on facebook @CorporateStays. We know our readers are no strangers to travelling the globe and we want to hear how you make it easy – so we can help make it even easier!!

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