COVID-19 has changed many – almost every – of our behaviours and attitudes, and it will continue to do so. But what about traveling? Oh, we will travel. When? Not sure, but the need for travel will still be maintained post-pandemic, even accentuated after the time of confinement. However, it will be done differently.

Masks, gels, gloves… will still be part of our luggage. We will live with the virus for months and that forces us to make operational changes that are circumstantial. Changes to avoid crowding, to ensure social distances and above all, to avoid contact with others and things.


Masks, gels, and gloves will still be part of our luggage
Masks, gels, and gloves will still be part of our luggage


How will you travel after the coronavirus?


The 100% sure answer is impossible to know, but we only have to watch the news to realize that for now, we won’t have it. What we can see is that there will be several health checks at airports, so it will be more necessary than ever to travel with health insurance.

This worldwide experience will have changed us all and we will be much stricter as travelers with the safety and hygiene measures. Masks and gloves will remain among the habits of many of us.

Here is what travel after coronavirus looks like:


  • We will make tourism of proximity; we will travel near our surroundings.
  • It will be particularly sustainable tourism.
  • We will look for destinations that have worked very well on security measures.
  • We will be overly sensitive to the price because there will be an economic crisis and unemployment.
  • We will want destinations without overcrowding, there will be a movement inland that can be an opportunity for emptied places.
  • We are going to look for family accommodation, with a garden, and if possible, a swimming pool, etc., that will allow us to enjoy nature but to live semi-confined, without rubbing up against each other.
  • Housing providers and airlines will maintain the required cleaning protocols and measures to avoid crowding and reduced capacity are likely to persist at first.


You will have to adapt to new measures from now on
You will have to adapt to new measures from now on


One of the means of transport that will suffer the most changes are the airplanes, so you will have to adapt to new measures from now on, including the mandatory use of masks during the entire flight, longer times for check-in and boarding, limited food service on many flights, and airplanes that will go through a thorough disinfection process between flights.

Here are some of the recommendations and behaviours you might adopt:


  • Destination information and planning

If you didn’t do it before, from now on this step will be essential before you travel. Informing yourself about your destination country will be vital before you organize your trip and of course at all times before you travel.

Each country has and will have its requirements and protocols for travelers and measures for public spaces. These you must know before you arrive at your destination.


  • Travel insurance for coronavirus

Travel insurance will be essential for trips after the coronavirus, both cancellation and health insurance. From now on, all travel insurance may include medical coverage in case of contagion by the virus.


  • Change the way you pack

Even the way you pack will change. When packing, it is essential to pack masks, disinfectant gel, latex gloves, wet wipes, etc. These are items that were rarely found in a suitcase. But from now on they will be more than necessary.

You should also try as much as possible not to mix used clothes with clean clothes.


The common leisure areas will have limitations
The common leisure areas will have limitations


What will the accommodation be like?


Changes will also be seen in the fully furnished apartments for rent. The common leisure areas will have limitations. Also, the cleaning protocols will be much stricter.

In the case of Corporate Stays, we have taken the necessary measures and protocols to have the safest spaces for our guests. Search for our short-term rentals in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Ottawa and let us help make your stay the most pleasant experience during this especially challenging time.

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