Are you a seasoned traveller who spends more time at high altitudes than on the ground? Then you must be familiar with the toll it can take on your body. It’s easier to grab a quick greasy burger between stops to fill the gap rather than look for a more nutritional option. Convenience normally trumps what your body needs.

Fortunately, this handy guide incorporates some of the healthiest airport food options available in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary. You’ll be chowing down on something delicious and nutritious in no time!

Healthy food in Canadian Airports

Healthy Airport Food: YUL 

At Gate 50 and 79 of the Montréal-Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport, some delicious options await. As soon as you see the sign for Ryú Sushi, it’s time to dump your suitcase at your feet and check out the menu.

The options are diverse, but all delivered to the highest of standards. Take your pick of fresh and healthy spicy salmon or tuna poke bowls, nutritious wake-me-up smoothies, and traditional sushi with salmon, avocado, cucumber, and more. If you want to escape the carbs, Ryú is a must-visit eatery in YUL.

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Healthy Airport Food: YVR 

If you feel like you’ve spent more time on planes than land, then it doesn’t take long for your body to suffer and crave healthy airport food. You’ll get all that and more at Jugo Juice on Level 3 before security at the Vancouver International Airport. Join the queue at Jugo Juice and find out what all the fuss is about.

You can wake yourself up with wheatgrass shots, give yourself a boost of energy with protein-rich smoothies, or get rid of those hunger pangs with light wraps or another delicious lunch item on the menu. You’ll leave with a full stomach, but you’ll feel light, happy, and healthy as well.

Healthy Airport Food: YYZ 

If you’ve got time to kill at Toronto Pearson International Airport, then there are few better places to dine than at Acer.  You’ll get to try a whole range of Japanese delicacies. Get on your plane feeling light and as fresh as a daisy.

Acer offers many delicious options of sushi, tuna carpaccio, shrimp dumplings, and even a vegetarian curry rice bowl. All manner of lifestyles are catered, so don’t be afraid to eat healthy airport food here!

Tasty food

Healthy Airport Food: YYC 

While Calgary International Airport offers some excellent opportunities to shop until you drop, it’s also not a bad spot to stop for a bite to eat before or after your plane arrives. Not only are there options galore, but plenty of healthy airport food too. La Prep Daily Fresh is one such option.

You can find La Prep Daily Fresh after security at A21, and you won’t leave disappointed. There is a broad variety of salad options that are fresh, delicious, and made quickly. Out of all healthy airport food at Calgary International Airport, this has to be some of the best. La Prep Daily Fresh can be a refreshing change from all the carb-loaded options available elsewhere.

If you’re still struggling to find the right healthy option for you, or nothing tantalizes your tastebuds, then skip airport food altogether. You can cook up a storm in the fully-equipped kitchens available in Corporate Stays apartments once you make it to your destination.

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