We’ve been doing business in Canada for a long time – so we know cold. And we know that you may need a little help adjusting to the slightly frigid temperatures of cities like Montreal, Ottawa and Calgary if you’re sent up here on business any time in the next few months. Here are the things all Canadians know when it comes to surviving, and even enjoying, the Canadian winter:


Learn to read the forecast: Every local known that it’s not the temperature reading you look at, but the wind chill factor, which can make a -5 day feel like -15. Another good thing to know: the coludy days are often warmer, while those sunny, blue-sky days will be bitingly cold – dress accordingly.


Wear layers: If you’re dressed appropriately, Winter in canada is a breeze. Go for layers, leave as little skin exposed as possible, and make sure your jacket has serious insulation, preferably feathers. A thermal undershirt and light fleece layers under your coat will help trap body heat. If you’re feeling it in your fingers, go for mittens instead of gloves. And never forget your hat, or ‘touque’, which is essential on the coldest days to prevent frostbite of the ears.


Go underground! When it’s really really cold, Canadians don’t just go indoors, they go underground. Montreal has the largest and most famous network of underground shopping and walkways, but Ottawa, Toronto, Halifax, Toronto and Vancouver all have their own subterranean concourses downtown.


Embrace the activities: You’ll be much, much happier in Canada if you can learn to love skiing, snowboarding, skating or snowshoeing. There are so many incredible places to enjoy winter outdoors (especially Mont Tremblant, just outside Montreal), that you’ll be praying for powder, instead of lamenting the cold.

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