Corporate Stays’ Halifax furnished apartments are the perfect choice for your next home away from home.Undoubtedly, it’s our mission to go above and beyond by offering furnished units and the opportunity to live like a local anywhere.

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Why Choose Corporate Stays?

Corporate Stays wants to ensure the highest quality stay for all its guests. Thus, when you book with us it’s not just about your accommodation, but also the entire experience. The buildings from our Signature Collection are carefully selected to guarantee the best city locations and amenities. We offer apartments for both long and short term rentals. Our team is here to help you choose the perfect furnished living solution that will suit your needs.

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Stay With Us In Halifax

Our premium apartments for rent are located downtown Edmonton. We have spacious studios, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments. Our Edmonton furnished apartments make the perfect home away from home. Each building is handpicked for space, atmosphere, and comfort.

Halifax Furnished Apartments

Going to Halifax? Our Halifax apartments for rent are conveniently located in safe and popular neighbourhoods.

the pearl kitchen

The Pearl

2 bedroom

1601 Gottingen St, Halifax, NS, Canada

The Margaretta

The Margaretta

1 Bedroom • 2 Bedroom • 3 Bedroom

5515 Clyde Street, Halifax, NS B3J 2K1, Canada

The Junction

1 Bedroom • 2 Bedroom

3075 Devonshire Ave, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

“The attractive location, the wonderful service, and the competitive prices make for a perfect combination. We enjoyed our stay immensely and ended up extending our stay to 6 months.”

Noman Nadeem

Award Winning IT Manager

“Travelling and working in another city/country can be very stressful and you have all helped ease the transition. Your team is extremely friendly and understands the needs of the corporate traveller.”

Irene Tremblay

Relocation Specialist


Corporate Stays offers furnished apartments for rent whenever and wherever you are across the globe. Find the perfect home away from home today.