Jet-setting across the globe regularly and racking up hundreds of points on almost every rewards card may strike an air of glitz and glamour to an average observer, but the weary travelers sing a different tune. Behind the flashy façade lies endless airport security, flight delays, long transits, and jet lag. Flying routinely clearly isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. 

Clocking up those miles can take its toll, often leaving you exhausted and wanting nothing more than a well-deserved sleep in your bed. Look at these tips to make your trips a little less draining. 

Online Ticketing

When looking for a ticket online, delete your browser cookies after every search. The cache uses your browser history to calculate the demand for the access and subsequently hikes up the price. 

Round-trip tickets from the same airline sometimes cost more than two one-way tickets from different airlines. Sites like Kayak are beneficial in presenting you with all possible options. 

When booking your ticket, don’t choose your seat right away. Usually, the more comfortable and thus more desirable seats are more expensive than the others, so travelers don’t tend to choose them anyway. This means those better seats are freed up for you to get assigned to at the airport counter.

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Take Advantage of the Lounge

It goes without saying: get to the terminal as soon as possible. Not only will you have extra time in case of traffic or if you need to turn back to retrieve a forgotten document, but you can also maximize your time in the Business Lounge.

If you’re flying Economy and cannot access the Business Lounge, get someone to sign you in. Most lounges allow a pass holder to invite a guest, so standing nearby and requesting a fellow traveler to sign you in can be the smartest thing you can do. 

Up In The Air

Ordering a special meal (Kosher or Vegetarian) while flying means you’ll be served ahead of the usual meal service, leaving you more time to sleep or catch up on your work. The special meal is also almost always more appetizing than the standard entrée.

Suppose traveling on a domestic or budget carrier, BYOB. That’s right; airlines only restrict the size of liquids you can carry, not what they are, so you can bring your choice of mini liquor bottle on board. You can mix it with the free soft drink the airline serves and save on the ridiculously inflated rates. 


As soon as you clear airport security, don’t head to Arrivals like everyone else. Instead, make a beeline for Departures where you can snag a cab without the queues and the crowds.

Manage your paper trail with apps like Lemon, which allow you to upload all your receipts and tickets to one place, ready to present to the office upon your return. It will keep everything sorted, leaving you one less thing to worry about.

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