Most people simply love traveling. If you made a pool vote of favorite hobbies there is a great chance that travelling for tourism would be at the very top of the list. However, travelling for business is far from easy. First of all travelling long distances leaves a temporary toll on both your mind and body, making you weary.

Just imagine a scenario, where after a 12 hours long flight you have to make a speech at a conference or conduct a business negotiation. Not an easy task, but often necessary since it is still your livelihood we are talking about. Luckily for you there are some ways to stay focused on a long distance business travels and here are seven of them.


  1. The difference between a non-stop and direct flight

One of the most common mistakes first time travelers make is confusing non-stop and direct flights or believing them to be the same thing. Nothing however can be further from the truth. The greatest difference between these two is a fact that direct flights do make stops. If they are direct you are not able to leave the plane but a pause is a pause. If possible, always take non-stop flight since you will arrive at your destination quicker and therefore probably get some time to rest.

  1. Health comes first

When flying you are always at risk of getting sick. The influx of people through an airplane or airport is astounding as well as their backgrounds. This means that if there is any germ in existence in the world chances are, you will get it by the end of the flight. This is what you need to try to avoid at all times. There is nothing that can ruin your business travel easier than getting sick so always keep your area and your hands sanitized.

  1. Relaxation on the plane

Now let’s face it, long flights can be boring so finding a way to utilize your time there might be a genuine life saver (at least when your mental health is in question). Take some relaxing music on your MP3 to help you sleep better but do something for your body as well. Buying a simple travel pillow can mean a world to you so keep this always in mind. Another thing you can do is roll a pair of ordinary tennis balls under feet while in your seat. This is also a renowned massage method while in flight.

  1. Doing your homework

If you are visiting a place for the very first time, make sure that you do some homework before the arrival at the desired location. Download and print some guides or maps in order to utilize your stay there. Try to decide your entire itinerary before you even set off and measure your progress by reaching these checkpoints and completing these objectives. What better way to have a fun business trip than to turn it into a game with goals and point system.

  1. Utilizing your stay

Regardless of the place you stay at, there is always something worth setting time aside to visit at the target destination. For example if visiting LA it would be just plain reckless not to check LA Lakers schedule and see if there are any interesting games you could attend. Visiting an NBA game anywhere in the U.S. can help you have some fun and help you be more focused for the rest of the trip.

  1. Using pills

Just remember one thing, a long distance travel is not something natural or something in our genes. Human body simply wasn’t made to cross an entire planet, change 20ish time zones and dozens of climate regions in a single day. Because of this, it would be safe to assume that your body is under a lot of stress. This is why even taking pills on your trip shouldn’t be a taboo. If you know you are prone to headache there is no reason not to take a couple of pain relievers, to make you feel better.

  1. A proper meal

As we already mentioned your body will be under a lot of stress, so in order to endure it all it will simply need a lot of sustenance. Eat well before and after the flight (even during if you feel the need for it and your body can take it). Also make sure that you always have adequate snacks by your side. By taking care of this, you will already ensure that your flight is on the right track.

All in all, staying fresh and focused on a long distance trip can be quite hard, but is in no way impossible. By taking just a few steps of percussion like planning your trip properly (and your flight) and equipping yourself adequately, you can already achieve a lot. Enduring a flight like this is a feat worthy of a genuine adventurer, so don’t be afraid to use all the help you can get.

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