Traveling to Ottawa is on many people’s bucket lists. Ottawa has something to offer any traveler willing to explore its streets and valleys. Here are 5 traveler tips for a short-term stay in Ottawa.

Traveller Tips for a Short-Term Stay in Ottawa #1: Dress Properly

I’ve traveled to Ottawa in the blistering 40°C summers, and they’re just as bad as the frigid -40 °C winters. “Welcome to Canada,” some might say. Adaptability is your friend. Plan your dress code before you pack, check the weather, and dust off that parka in March; you might need it. Similarly, traveling in July near Canada Day can mean dehydration and sunburn for those unprepared. Do your due diligence, and you’ll be just fine!

Traveller Tips for a Short-Term Stay in Ottawa #2: Seek Out Fun

While Ottawa’s “boring” aspect is partly due to its political public image, it offers quite a bit. It’s a highly walkable city, and visiting the nation’s capital is necessary. There are a ton of museums, bars, and restaurants that are worth your time. CorporateStays guests can check out our Hot Spot video series custom catered to their building for more information!

Traveller Tips for a Short-Term Stay in Ottawa #3: Eat Out 

Food does a fantastic job of bridging the gap between cultures and people. Whether it’s a table for one after a long work day or a business lunch, Ottawa offers many dining options—everything from the best tacos in town to a must-morning coffee spot.

Short Term Stay in Ottawa

Traveler Tips for a Short-Term Stay in Ottawa #4: Bike Off

One thing that always surprises first-time visitors is that Ottawa is highly bike-friendly. While you may only see a few people walking the streets on any given day, you’ll almost always see a few dozen bikers peddling away down the canal. It’s a great way to stay fit and a cheap way to get around town, so hop on a bike! You’ll blend in with the locals instantly! Get all the info here.

Traveller Tips for a Short-Term Stay in Ottawa #5: Celebrate!

This year is Canada’s 150th birthday, and what better way to celebrate than in the nation’s capital? Everywhere you go, you’ll notice the city has gotten a slight facelift for the big year. Ottawa is highly proud of its history and does a great job of showing it off. Need help finding all the events and attractions? Check out Tourism Ottawa for all the details, and have fun!

Where to Stay in Ottawa: Opt for Corporate Stays

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