What You Didn’t Know About Calgary Corporate Rentals

If your first impression of Calgary is that it’s just the frozen tundra you drive by on your way to Vancouver, you’d be very very wrong. Over the past decade, Calgary has been slowly building itself as a modern cosmopolitan city. And in recent years, has positioned itself as the business capital in Western Canada. So whether you’re inevitably sent over for work, or you’ve decided to explore Canada with an extended vacation, it’s time to modernize the way you travel. Looking for an absolute game changer in the travel scene? Here are a few tips to get you initiated in the wonderful world of Calgary corporate rentals.


Calgary Corporate Rentals Fact #1: It Doesn’t Compromise

Hotels can feel empty, Airbnb stays can feel too lived in. Corporate rentals have the best of both worlds. When you arrive to your fully furnished apartment, you’re greeted by a structure that feels very much hotel-like in nature. However, that is where the practicality of hotels ends. Apartments come in a variety of designs and each feels more like your own personal home than an impersonal hotel room would. Custom furnished apartments means you get to experience a city without compromise.

Calgary Corporate Rentals Fact #2: It Keeps You Close To The Action

Admittedly, Calgary is not a big city, but having every building in key locations makes a world of difference. If you’re new to the city, especially during massive event like the Calgary Stampede, getting around is half the fun! Checking out the area around each building is an absolute breeze when each spot is next to the best restaurants, bars, shopping, and entertainment in town.

Calgary Corporate Rentals Fact #3: It Keeps You Healthy

Whether you need to get a cardio fix, pump iron, or go for a quick dip in the pool, the one thing you can count on is an abundance of amenity options. The best part about corporate housing in Calgary is that both the buildings and the amenities are practically brand new. And while most people are off at work, you get access to state of the art fitness centres at any time of day. Keep in mind not every rental comes with the same amenities so browse your options before booking anything over at CorporateStays.com.

Calgary Corporate Rentals Fact #4: It Keeps Money In Your Pocket

Here’s the thing about Calgary, there’s a to do. Ski the 1988 Winter Olympics slopes, go hunting and fishing, shop till you drop, or plan a day trip to the mind boggling views of Banff. These aren’t the cheapest activities, but by booking a corporate rental you save a substantial amount of money on long or short term stays compared to Hotels and Airbnbs. So whether you just want to binge watch Netflix off the couch or go off on a grand adventure, you’re saving cash by the minute.

Calgary Corporate Rentals Fact #5: Your Apartment Doubles As An Office

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, a time will come when you’ll want to sit down and get some work done. And while there are a plethora of coffeehouse options in Calgary, your apartment is right where you want to be. Between access to high-speed internet, satellite TV, and ground local coffee in your apartment upon arrival, you’d be hard pressed to leave the comforts of your abode.





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