The world is moving faster than ever before, with more expected from us in a smaller timeframe. Even here at Corporate Stays, we face many challenges to stay productive at all times. We’ve already suggested 5 habits to optimize work productivity while traveling and now we come with new tips for daily life.

If you struggle with productivity, or you’re not yet sure how to be the best you can be during the working week, then the following information might help. This is an ultimate guide on how to be productive like a ninja!

Take a Break

It’s unusual, isn’t it? To get more done, you have to do nothing at all for a short space of time. However, taking a break, even when you’re busy, is going to work wonders for how productive the rest of your day is going to be. According to leading experts, taking breaks can refresh and rejuvenate your brain, preparing it for more work at a more productive level. Therefore, if you’re starting to feel a bit distracted or sluggish, take five minutes to grab a tea or coffee, then head back to your desk.

Don’t Multitask

Many people pride themselves on being multitasking masters – having the ability to work on several things at once. The truth is, multitasking won’t help you get them done any quicker. Instead, it can have the opposite effect. If you are continuously swapping between tasks, you are undermining your efficiency, causing a loss of productivity by as much as 40%t. Instead of multitasking, start and finish a single job before moving onto another.

Like Your Office

You might think that people crowd their office cubicle with photos of their family so they can show them off to their peers, but there’s merit in what they are doing. If you add touches of home and things that you love in your office, you may benefit from a boost in productivity.

Add your favourite pot plant, a scented candle, or even flowers from your garden. Anything that livens up your space and tends to be quite aesthetically pleasing will see you on fire when it comes to your productivity levels.

Plan Your Day

Have you ever got to your office, sat at your desk, and had no idea where to start? As you sit there, waiting, you’re wasting precious working time. Instead, vow to plan out your day at the end of every other. Know when you’re most productive and allow time for your most significant tasks during this period, then fit in everything around it. As you complete your responsibilities, you can cross them off your list. You’ll be so productive that you may not know what to do with all your spare time!

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Every interruption, no matter how big or small is cutting precious minutes or hours off your working day. When time is valuable, those distractions can be the bane of your existence. Vow to make a change. Turn the notifications off your phone, delegate blocks of time to email answering (not as soon as they come in) and move to a quiet area so you can work in peace. The more focused you are, the more productive you can be.

Being productive like a ninja is not something you can walk into your office and do right away. Instead, it needs to be a series of changes you make to alter your behaviours. Limit distractions, take breaks and focus on one task at a time. Then, don’t be afraid to make subtle changes to your office to make it more “you” before planning out your days the night before. Before you know it, you will be productive like a ninja!

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