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Top Reasons Why You Should Go To South Beach Miami

Miami is a subtropical area, so when it comes to temperatures, you’re very rarely going to have to worry about it getting too cold, or even too toasty. This being true, Miami’s going to have some really cool things going on depending on when you go, but what is the best season to go in general? Well, that’s what this post is all about. Just remember, no matter what time of year – don’t forget your sunscreen!


Summer: Fun in the sun, cookouts, swimming, tanning, all of the things that spell summer are right here on South Beach. Keep in mind that the weather can be pretty darn indecisive, so plan accordingly. Believe it or not, summer is considered the off season, due to the weather and the intense humidity. The good thing is that prices can be cheaper and there can be fewer crowds. Some cool summer events that take place (besides all the festivals) are yoga in the park (free lessons) and pretty cool bike tours.


Fall: Fall is considered the least most popular time to vacation to Miami, as this is the heart of hurricane season, and the heat and humidity are going to be really high. These are also some of the wetter months as well. But don’t let that put you off! If you’re just looking to get away and don’t mind a little gamble, you’re going to be saving a ton of cash on hotels and airfare, mainly because it’s the extreme off season. Plus let’s face it – it’s probably still warmer and more fun that where you live.


Winter: Cooler temperatures and smaller crowds are the most obvious thing you’ll notice in South Beach during the winter. You’re going to find the lower temperatures ideal if you can’t stand the heat and humidity of summer, plus there is a chance you’ll get to experience snow on the beach (ok, not that likely, but still a chance…!) Although organised events are not as common, you can still visit the galleries, do an Art Deco architecture tour, and engage in some serious retail therapy on Lincoln Road.


Spring: Can you say, “Spring Break”? It’s time to party! This is the perfect time to go when you’re looking to get your drink on.  The crowds are huge, the sexy people are strutting their stuff, and the weather is still warm and calm. Prices are going to be at a high, but you pay for what you get, because there are plenty of things to do, see, eat, and buy. Slide your sunglasses on your face and soak up the revelry.

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