You can’t spell business without New York City. A business meeting is inevitable in this city, but with more options than a Chinese takeout menu, finding the right location to meet a client can be overwhelming. So here are the top 6 locations for a business meeting in New York!

Business Meeting  In New York #1:ShareDesk

Let’s start off with a more conservative option in the always readily available office space rental. New York City is notorious for having, among other things, ludicrously expensive rent prices. That’s where ShareDesk comes it! With a massive selection from smaller 2 person rooms to full fledged 20-person meeting rooms, there’s something for every budget.
See their selection here! 

Business Meeting In New York #2: SoHo Grand Hotel

Want something a bit more casual in SoHo? The Soho Grand hotel is a no brainer. It’s a visually stunning blend of old world charm and modern class. The best thing about this spot is its room diversity. There are a bar, restaurant, lounge, and “living room” areas spread throughout the main floor, allowing for a multitude of different meeting styles. Explore each room yourself!

Business Meeting in New York #3: Delmonicos

Does your client require you to step in up a notch without breaking the bank? Make your way to Delmonicos. America’s very first fine dining restaurant has become a staple of cuisine in the culture capital of the United States. Not only does it set an elegant environment for your meeting, it makes for a great conversation icebreaker!

Business Meeting in New York #4: Raines Law Room

Okay, so previous options have been either too casual or too fancy, so here’s a middle ground in the Raines Law Room. A small, hidden away lounge bar, the RLR is one of the trendiest underground lounges, unbeknownst to many New Yorkers, meaning fewer crowds! Plus simply knowing this spot exists will increase your clout among your clients!

Business Meeting in New York #5: Central Park

Want to throw all traditional meeting ideas out the window? According to Harvard, you might be a genius! A big trend in the business world is the walking meeting, and as the name implies it isn’t something you can do behind a desk. Said to influence creativity and propensity for thinking outside the box, a walking meeting requires a big space where to… walk! And where better than the iconic Central Park?

Business Meeting in New York #6: 90 Washington 

If time is an issue and you’ve got meetings back to back with no time to run around town, don’t stress. Our CorporateStays location at 90 Washington will be your saving grace. It’s sleek elegance and professional undertones mean that even your furnished apartment makes for a fantastic meeting spot! Not to mention it’s prime and easily accessible location in the Financial district.

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