Meeting new or existing clients for business meetings in Vancouver? You can rest assured that besides its strong start-up culture, Vancity is the best city in Canada to get down to business. Use the five tips below to your advantage and make sure your business meetings in the city will be a success. 

Business Meetings in Vancouver: No Need To Dress to Impress

Vancouver is among Canada’s most ethnically diverse cities, making it the perfect place for business with people from all over the world. With a more laid-back culture (opposite of Toronto, for example), the city’s inhabitants are not mainly concerned about the way you dress for a business meeting. Of course, you will not show up for a business meeting wearing sweatpants, but you do not have to wear a suit and tie either.

So, take advantage of this lifestyle and pack accordingly for your next business meeting in Vancouver. And in case you forgot to bring your fashion essentials, do not worry! On Robson Street, right in downtown, you’ll find the main shopping area of the city. Boasting over 100 shops, on this street you are sure to find the trendiest stores, including both international and Canadian favorite fashion brands. 

Business Meetings in Vancouver: Sleep Well

When you’re away on business, staying in a comfortable and well-located accommodation is crucial. Your proximity to public transport, eateries and entertainment can be more convenient than you ever thought possible.

Start the day fresh after a decent night’s rest at the The Zephyr or Tate in the heart of the city. In both buildings, you will have access to amenities that will make you enjoy the urban lifestyle.

Business Meetings in Vancouver: Dine in Style

If you’re staying around the vicinity of Emery Barnes Park, such as at the Seymour luxurious corporate accommodation, then you’ll be pleased to know that Blue Water Cafe is just a few streets over. The restaurant is popular for its eclectic seafood range, which will delight and astound your business guests.

If seafood is not to your tastes, then treating your guests to lunch or dinner at Bauhaus may also be a valid option. This award-winning restaurant is known for its modern take on German cuisine and attention to detail. If you want to impress your business guests, then this is the place to go.

Business Meetings in Vancouver: Find The Right Meeting Place

Rather than hire out a boardroom for your business meeting in Vancouver, why not adopt the more contemporary “walk and talk” option? For a semi-formal business meeting in Vancouver, you will find it more than appropriate to walk around Stanley Park.

But if a public space is a distraction for you, you’ll be pleased to know that Vancouver has many options for bookable business meeting rooms in the city! Check out this list for some of the best offerings.

Business Meetings in Vancouver: Sealing the Deal

When the business meeting in Vancouver has gone well, it might be time to seal the deal and end the night with entertainment. Fortunately, there are many entertainment options in the city that will appeal to many different people.

You can visit Brewery Creek – the unofficial brewery district around Main Street – and appreciate some of the best microbreweries in the city, or, walk to The Keg from one of Corporate Stays Yaletown buildings. End the night on a high note and dazzle your guests at the same time.

If you’re ready for a successful business meeting in Vancouver,  get in touch with one of our Corporate Housing Specialists today. Let us help you find the perfect apartment for you in the city!

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