Setting Montreal business meetings can be tricky. Montreal is not the most populous city in Canada; that title goes to Toronto. But when it comes to industry, the European-influenced streets of Montreal hold their own. And with a consistent track record of attracting a healthy amount of start ups over the past 15 years, there is no slowing down the creative behemoth that is Montreal. So when you finally do need to get a meeting or three set up in the “514”, it is important to be in tune with the sociocultural differences that set business in Montreal apart from other cities throughout Canada. Here are 5 tips for Montreal business meetings.


Tips for Montreal Business Meetings #1: Find The Right Space

There is nothing wrong with a more conservative, old-school approach to business meetings. As the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Maybe you do not have time to plan something extravagant, or your client is more comfortable with a quiet, traditional meeting room. A recent boom in rentable workspaces has overtaken Montreal in the best way! Breather is great for a last minute, short meeting. But if you are here for a longer period of time and require something more stable, WeWork has you covered.


Tips for Montreal Business Meetings #2: Food Is Always On The Menu

Whether it is poutine, bagels, Portuguese chicken, or coffee, Montrealers have a strong but unpretentious affinity for the culinary arts. Which is why a “lunch” or “coffee and pastries” meeting is quite popular in Montreal. Other than simply enjoying the exquisite food of Montreal, sharing a meal or a drink with someone is a healthy way to disarm any stiffness they may have going into your meeting. And if your client isn’t from the city? Even better! Show off your Google skills by taking them to some of Montreal’s best terraces and coffee houses.


Tips for Montreal Business Meetings #3: Get Creative

Montrealers are not big on the traditional sit down “brass tacks” type of meeting. This is largely due to the big boom in startups and the overall youthful perspective developed by many new or younger businesses. Mix things up to keep your client interested and stand out from the rest of the crowd (and potential competition). A big trend that has become quite popular over the past few years is the “Walk and Talk” meeting. But you do not need to stop there. Bring both yourself and your client outside of your comfort zones; you might just be surprised by the results.


Tips for Montreal Business Meetings #4: Dress To Your Audience

Montrealers have a reputation for dressing well, and while many do, there is a cultural mishmash of formal and casual wear that sets the city apart. You might see a man in a suit, a woman in a sundress, and another man in shorts and a t-shirt all sitting at the same meeting. The best plan is to dress to your audience. Are you meeting with a startup, or a law firm? Look up your clients beforehand and gauge if you should be dressing up or down.


Tips for Montreal Business Meetings #5: Home Meetings

Maybe you did not have enough time to plan ahead, or you cannot choose from the 4 incredible options we laid out above: no stress! Our CorporateStays apartments are regularly used as workspaces. With a much larger, open space than you would find in a much smaller hotel room, our guests’ apartments regularly double as meeting rooms. Browse our Montreal locations and find the best fit for you!


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